Reasons to Study in Italy

High-Quality Education

Sometimes it's simple for secondary school students to forget that there is "study" involved in studying abroad in secondary school. Beside its feel and culinary wonders, Italy additionally, offers a portion of the most established colleges on the planet and is the author of the Bologna procedure (the standard in higher education in Europe and a developing in impact). Giving astounding education is another range in which Italy has earned its feeling of pride.

Why Study in Italy

Art, Architecture, and Fashion

For secondary school students studying art or engineering, there is not really a superior place to study abroad than Italy. With access to endless unique works and structures that have survived many years of Italian history, students will never come up short on motivation. The Italians are likewise an exceptionally in fashionable individuals, which is evident from the moment of landing at the airport. Study the works of well-known Italian fashioners, for example, Versace, Gucci, Armani, Benetton, and Prada, just to give some examples.


Prepare to find another passion in calcio, the Italian word for the sport. Italians are extremely enthusiastic about their soccer groups. Taking after the 2006 World Cup until 2010, each container of Nutella conveyed the Italian Soccer group's logo and the expression "La colazione dei campioni del mondo," which means: the breakfast of the champions of the world. Italians are additionally extremely faithful to their local teams. Attend games, take in the melodies and the songs, study the team player profiles, and become involved with the fever.


Imagine tuning into Pavarotti and understanding the words, or perusing Dante or Machiavelli in their unique, non-interpreted content. Italian is an amazingly wonderful language and studies prove that taking in another language increments logical deduction aptitudes and battles the onset of Alzheimer's! On the off chance that you have officially taken some Italian lessons previously, studying Italian in Italy can legitimize that time you spent in class and bring life into the language.


In typical Mediterranean style, Italy invites International secondary school students and guests with open arms. This should not be underestimated when scanning for your ideal secondary school study abroad experience. Culture shock can be more serious if remaining in a nation where you feel despised by local people. The Italian active nature will likewise help you to make friends and feel more comfortable while living so distant from home.


Being in the Mediterranean, Italy has a portion of the best climate in Europe. It is considerably hotter than its northern neighbors and the skies are quite often a delightful blue. Stuck inside studying for a test or composing a paper? Bring a fast stroll down the road, appreciate the daylight, and your mindset will enhance quickly.

General Life of a student in Italy

While numerous students find themselves studying in Italy due to the previously mentioned reasons, another reason, obviously, is to improve Italian language abilities. That being stated, fluency is absolutely not required. In any case, it is essential to consider expected language desires, as that could affect area and experience.

Location set aside, studying in Italy costs cash. Evaluate expenditures shift in light of where you are living (city or town), what sort of apartment you are living in, regardless of whether it be with flatmates or a solitary, on the off chance that you are remaining with a homestay or all alone, whether you are living in a prime area or somewhat outside the principle zone and the length of your remain.

Italy is a truly energizing nation with a long history of art and literature. More than 30 unique languages are talked in the nation and there are loads of incredible food to try - significantly more than just pizza and pasta! Italy can offer incredible wine to test, architecture to appreciate and clothing to buy.

On the whole, Italy is a generally safe place to live, however, there are still crimes, for example, burglary and pickpocketing to look out for. An ideal approach to maintaining a strategic distance from this is simply to utilize sound judgment, know about your environment and deal with your assets.

 Working while studying in Italy

Working in Italy while you pursue your education can guarantee that you have some cash to support your everyday costs. Despite the fact that the work opportunities are not as good as an expert in your field, there are a few part-time employments that worldwide students can take up in order to earn a couple of additional bucks to get a few basic supplies or pay a few vitality bills. There are a few rules that apply to universal students who wish to work in Italy and it's best to be completely aware of these principles.

European Union

International students originating from nations in the European Union are permitted to work in Italy without the need for a work permit. Their working hours, however, should not surpass over 20 hours on a weekly premise during their term. They can work all day during vacations on the off chance that they wish to do as such.

Non-European Union

International students originating from nations that are not inside the European Union have an alternate arrangement of guidelines applied to their working status.

  • There is a restriction stamp on the visa of long-term students
  • This implies that you can't work for over 20 hours on a weekly premise during your term and full time during vacations.
  • You can't take part in any sort of independent work, business or can't represent to the nation in any professional sport.
  • If a student seeks after a course that is for under 6 months, he would be given a restriction stamp on his passport. This implies he can't work in Italy.
  • If any student breaks these rules, he could be fined up to € 1,000.

Working after graduation in Italy

Master level students (Laurea Megistrale no less than 120 credits) may apply for a temporary work permit (called permit awaiting employment) which goes on for a time of 6 to 12 months most extreme and permits students to legally live in Italy after their graduation while looking for a job. Other students can remain just until their stay allow (Residency Permit) expires. On the off chance that you don't locate another occupation before your residence permit close date, you should leave the nation. Remaining in Italy with expiry Residence Permit is illegal.