It is always difficult for students to select which career path they should follow. Join In Campus will help students through all the tests to find the best career path for them. Join In Campus has a team of trained counsellors, which assist students to identify their professional goals, enabling them to take a correct academic decision, and give personal guidance to choose the option that perfectly fits their Career, Professional and Personal Goals.

Career Counselling

Assisting with All the Course and School Details

Counsellors of Join In Campus help you understand all the available options for your higher education. We not only give you the option but also help you to choose the best for you. We help you in

  1. Subject selection
  2. Curriculum selection
  3. Stream selection
  4. Bachelor's degree selection
  5. Master’s degree selection
  6. Career change/shift

Assisting with the Complete Application and Documentation

Counsellors of Join In Campus assist you with the complete document part required for your admission to an International University. Different countries, schools, and courses have different requirements of Documents from International students. We are here to help you collect each and every document so that there are null chances of getting your admission application rejection. We will provide you with the proper checklist of the documents as per your course and school selection. We give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas essential for an error-free application.

Updating the Students on Their Application Results

Counsellors of Join In Campus will keep you updated with the application results. You don’t need to ask the university about your admission confirmation. We will do that for you. We will also inform you about any further documentation required by the university. We will be the communicator on your behalf and update you with the results.

Assisting for Visa

Country-wise the visa procedure is different. Our experts and counsellors guide you through the visa procedure of different Countries. The requirement of the documents and the proceeding is also not the same. Students do need the best and easy guidance for the visa procedure. Visa being an important part of the complete procedure - for all the students it is important to gain the same. We make sure that all your documents are in order for the visa filing.

Pre-Departure Sessions

The Pre-departure guide we provide to the students aims to give them a clear idea of the issues to consider at their departure. We try our best to provide versatile and best information to all our students. Join in Campus dedicates its Vision and Mission towards providing the best services to all our clients and maintains the goodwill among them with the versatile services. We are known among our associates and students for providing the best, quick and easy services. This guideline is a great platform for the students to find out about Step-by-step preparation required before they fly to their desired country. This will Equip students with the information of Medical Insurance Requirements, The Classroom Experience education, Cultural Adjustment etc.