The Duolingo English Test is an English proficiency test designed for international students. Duolingo helps secure admission to many international schools. Its acceptance is increasing day by day as it is easy and convenient. You can take the test from any location with the help of a computer and a webcam. You need not have to book or travel to a test centre.

Eligibility for Duolingo English Test 

Candidates are eligible to take the Duolingo test if the following things are available:
  • A valid passport, driver's license, or government ID
  • A quiet, well-lit room
  • 60 minutes of free time
  • A computer
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A supported browser
  • A front-facing camera
  • Speakers
  • A microphone

Duolingo English Test Registration

Candidates can take the test within 90 days starting from their original purchase date. They must follow the below process for registration for the Duolingo English test:
  1. Candidates should create an account on the website of the Duolingo English test by giving their age, email id, and password. Then click  “next”
  2. On the next page, they will be asked the question “What are you interested in?”. They have to choose the options accordingly and click on create account
  1. After creation, they should purchase the test and do the payment.

Duolingo English Test Fee

The Duolingo exam is the most affordable certification test. Candidates can take the test and interview only for $49. Duolingo scores can be sent to an infinite number of institutions without paying any extra charges. 

Duolingo English Test Pattern and Syllabus

The duration of the Duolingo English test is less than an hour. Duolingo does not consist of long questions. The Duolingo English Test consists of two portions: 
  • The first portion is graded. It contains a series of speaking, reading, writing, and listening exercises. 
  • The second portion of the exam is a portion; it consists of a video interview and a writing sample. In each part, the candidate should be able to respond to 1 of 2 questions given.
The following questions are asked in a Duolingo English Test:
  1. Describing an image in writing or aloud
  2. Recording yourself saying a written sentence
  3. Verbally answering a spoken question
  4. Listening to spoken words and selecting the real ones
  5. Reviewing written words and selecting the real ones
  6. Completing missing letters from a text
  7. Responding in writing to a written question
  8. Typing out a statement that you hear
The exam also includes a ‘video interview’ wherein candidates speak on their topic of choice for 1-3 minutes. This interview can be accessed by recruiters to shortlist international job candidates in the future. 


Duolingo English Test Preparation

The Duolingo English Test assesses a candidate’s real-world English language ability. Applicants must prepare thoroughly to get the maximum score needed to get admission to the institution. The following steps may help you to prepare for the exam: 
  • Read high-quality blogs and articles. As these are published in the Guardian, the New York Times, and Wall Street Journal which will help you in developing your English skills. 
  • You can take advantage of the Duolingo application to help you get more proficiency.
  • Develop your writing skills by practicing writing essays.
  • Speaking Practice can be done with a family member or friend. Become comfortable talking about yourself and your experiences.
  • You should read general topics such as current affairs, climate change, economics, etc. The more you read, the more you will develop the skill of understanding the context of the sentences and learning new vocabulary. Create a Duolingo English Test vocabulary list and practice daily.
  • You can watch a video walkthrough uploaded on the website of the Duolingo English test. See a summary of the test experience to get to know the format.
  • Many online Duolingo English test pdf guides are available for you to get prepared well. Sample questions and answers pdf will help you form a strategy for the official Duolingo exam.
  • Work on your overall English proficiency. 
  • Listen to English podcasts on different topics. 
  • Attempt the free practice test available on the Duolingo website. This will help you get familiar with the actual exam pattern and environment.  You just have to log in to your account to obtain the practice questions. 

Duolingo English Test Results 

The Duolingo English Test is designed to evaluate your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in the English language. Duolingo exam validity is 2 years from the original date. Each candidate's proficiency is reported as a score on a scale from 10 to 160 Marks. Proper preparation will result in a good score in Duolingo. This will help you to get admission into the international institution for higher studies. You can use Duolingo scores for Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other top study abroad destinations.
While appearing for the Duolingo test, there are some rules and regulations. It stipulates that the face and ears of the test-takers must be visible, no communication with any third person shall be allowed during the test, along with other regulations that prohibit the test-taker from taking advantage of unfair means during the test.