Once you receive your Admission Letter from your desired university and arrange your funds to study abroad, you can apply for a student visa. A student visa is an endorsement by the immigration authorities on your passport. It indicates that you are allowed to enter and stay to study for a specified period. Country-wise the visa procedure is different. The requirement of the documents and the proceeding is also not the same. We have several experts and counsellors guiding you with the visa procedure of different Countries.

An in-depth understanding of the process of applying for the student visa can help you plan and be rest assured of completing the process with precision. Here’s where we can help you, we being the leading study abroad consultants in India.

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Provide a Checklist of Documents

Students are required to submit some of the supporting documents along with the Visa Application. The requirement varies with the country you choose to study. But you need not worry, we are here to help you. We will provide you with the checklist of all the documents you require to file your visa application. According to the checklist, you can collect your documents and apply for a visa.

Guide to Official Websites and Authorized Immigration Representatives

Don’t know where to file a visa application? For this too we will help you. We will direct you to the official websites of the visa application, where you can file your visa easily. This will make your research work hassle-free. To guarantee that you get the latest application formats and guidelines our team of professionals will forward you to the official websites and authorized immigration officials.

Funds Requirements and Proof

One of the basics of Student Visa Applications is the requirement of Proof of Funds or Financial Capacity. For almost all countries, students are required to provide evidentiary proof that they are able to not only pay for the fee but also normal living expenses for the duration of their stay in the country. For this step, we will provide your guidance on how much and how to prove your financial stability. We will give you the options on how you can prove your financial proof.

Visa Application and Supporting Document Checking

Our work does not get completed by providing you with the checklist of the documents, we also evaluated your documents. Once you assemble all your documents, you can send them to us. We will check all the documents if they are ready to be submitted or not. If there is anything missing, we will guide you with that.

Interview Sample Questions

To obtain a Visa, some of the Immigration authorities ask students to attend the Visa interview. There they will ask a few questions about your choice of country, university, and course. Depending on your answers, your visa application decision is declared. To help you with this. We have a sample set of Interview Questions. We will help you to get prepared for the interview.

Visa is an important part of the complete procedure - for all the students it is important to gain the same. We’ll make sure you are fully informed on the latest visa requirements and conditions; also help you prepare the right documents for your submission. We give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas essential for an error-free application. We make sure that all your documents are for the visa filing.