PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English. It is a standardized English language test that assesses the level of English proficiency of non-native English speakers. It focuses on the daily usage of the English language to prepare and evaluate students to live and study in English-speaking countries. The convenient PTE exam process makes work, study, or visa applications simpler worldwide. It is accepted by over 3,000 universities worldwide to grant admission to non-native English students from all over the world.

PTE Eligibility

There are no specific PTE exam eligibility criteria. However, the basic eligibility criteria you must follow are:

  • PTE can be taken by any non-native English speaker irrespective of age. If you are aged below 16 years, you need to submit a parental consent form during registration.
  • There is no minimum educational qualification required to appear for PTE.
  • You need to have a valid national ID to register and appear for the examination.
  • You can attempt PTE with a gap of 5 days. There is no limit on the number of times one can take PTE.

Sections in PTE Exam

There are 4 skills assessed in PTE – writing, reading, speaking, and listening. The aim is to check and measure a candidate’s expertise in the English language. Here are the 3 sections of the PTE exam.

  • PTE Writing and Speaking: The writing section of PTE evaluates writing skills in terms of grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, the flow of words, sentence construction, etc. Similarly, the speaking section evaluates how well you can listen, speak, and write in an academic environment.
  • PTE Reading: The PTE reading section evaluates your ability to identify the main idea of the passage and understand the supporting details along with its key vocabulary.
  • PTE Listening: You are assessed based on how well you understand English and comprehend instructions. It also tests your ability to retain information from hearing.

PTE Exam Syllabus and Pattern

PTE is a computer-based examination that focuses more on everyday English usage rather than high-level, complex English. Each section of PTE is scored independently, and you get an overall PTE exam score, too. Here is the complete format and syllabus of each of the sections of PTE:

  • PTE Writing and Speaking: The Writing and Speaking section is the first part of the PTE. It takes 77-93 minutes to complete. It includes 6 tasks. It has integrated as well as an independent section since the tasks test both speaking and writing skills. It starts with a personal introduction and is followed by questions like reading aloud, repeating, describing, re-tell, Answering Short Questions,s and Summarizing Written Text.
  • PTE Reading: The reading section of PTE also tests writing skills and is around 31-40 minutes long. It has 5 different types of questions. These questions are related to academic modules and real-life situations. A passage is displayed on the screen and you need to answer questions like MCQs and fill in the blanks related to it.
  • PTE Listening: The PTE Listening Section is a 45-57-minute-long test. It consists of 8 question types. The process includes recorded audio and questions like MCQs, summarizing, missing words, fill-in-the-blanks, and selecting the correct answer.

PTE Registration

Registration of the PTE exam can be done through the website, email, and phone. However, online registration is the most convenient way, here are the steps to register for the test online:

  • Visit the official website of the PTE exam.
  • Create your account by filling in personal details.
  • Once you complete the PTE registration process, you will receive your login details within 48 hours via email.
  • In the next step find your nearest PTE test centre.
  • Select the date and time slot available to appear for the exam.
  • Then you will be redirected to the payment page. Pay your registration fee.
  • You will receive a confirmation email.


The PTE fee changes with the locations. Here is the table presenting the PTE exam costs in different countries of the world:

Australia 340 AUD
Canada 300 CAD
China 275 USD
France 255 USD
Germany 231.34 USD
India 13300 INR
Italy 230 EUR
New Zealand 385 NZD
UK 155 GBP

You have to pay a late fee if you book the test within 48 hours before the test. The fee amount keeps changing, so it is advised to check the PTE official website before paying.

PTE Score/ Result

The PTE exam score ranges from 10 to 90. All the sections have separate scores that are added together to get a final score in PTE. Since it is an English language proficiency test, factors like grammar, fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, comprehension skills and retention skills are important to get a good score.

PTE results are declared online within 5 working days from the day of the test. To check your PTE results and scores you need to simply sign in to your my PTE account which was created during registration. You can see your digital score report and share it with your chosen university.

PTE Important Examination Tips

The PTE exam is not easy. It requires you to prepare for all the sections equally. Follow the tips below to get a high score on the first attempt.

  • You have to be clear enough at the time of speaking so that the computer understands your language and the accent easily.
  • Listen properly and keep a track of the words. Focusing on the previous one might make you lose your ears over the next word/sentence. So it is very important that you keep a short note of the things that you listen to.
  • If you make any mistakes while speaking, move on. Don’t waste the time correcting it.
  • Write words within the required limit.
  • Act smart while using the erasable note board booklet. Use it only when you have enough time to transfer your answers on the screen.
  • It is important to have a proper idea of the pattern and types of questions you can expect on the exam day.
  • You cannot make any grammatical errors while writing. Make sure you know your tenses very well. Submit grammatically correct tasks.
  • You need to have a large vocabulary and not some limited number of terms just to get your work done.
  • Start speaking and listening to English every day.
  • Make use of the rule of elimination. Narrow down your options as much as possible.

PTE is a widely trusted English language proficiency test. It is a completely computer-based examination. Keep the tips and format of the exam in mind to score more.