Clearing an interview is very important for your study abroad journey, whether it is for university admission or a student visa. The purpose of the interview questions for international students is to understand why you have chosen the specific university. They want to know how you will benefit from the course as well as to adapt to the university environment. Join In Campus Counsellors will help you prepare for this too.

Interview Gauidance

How to Behave

Your behaviours and body language in the interview, tell most about you. Therefore, the key is to remain calm and maintain a conversational flow. Another important tip is do not to pretend to be what you are not. Be yourself yet be polite and respectful and you will create a good impression. The open-ended questions that the university officer will ask you are to allow you to open up about your academic and other experiences. One-line replies will not do. Our counsellors will help you with the guidelines.

Sample Set of Questions

Years of experience have helped us identify the study abroad interview questions and guide you on the best way to reply. We provide you with the sample set of questions, which are sully asked in university admission and also for visa interviews. You have to get prepared for these questions. Get answers to these questions and prepare for your interview well. If you need any kind of guidance, our counsellors are available to answer your query.

Mock Interview Call

We also make Mock interview calls to the students. This is necessary for your interview preparation. You will know exactly how you have to answer. You will gain confidence through this. Our counsellors will schedule a Mock interview call and inform you of the details. With Join In campus, you will feel helpful every time and you will find us in each step of your study abroad.

As our team is aware of questions that will be asked by the universities hence, we prepare the students in such a way that they can answer confidently. Contact us today for your study abroad support.