Numerous colleges in Ireland rank high and are a popular choice among worldwide students. Its historical background, wonderful wide open and one of a kind culture draw in students to contemplate and live there.  International students should be looking more towards the fun-loving, affordable and respected academic country. Here is all you need to know to study in Ireland:


Educational Degrees in Ireland

You will find the courses to study in Ireland at all levels. Here are the levels of education in Ireland open to international students:
Bachelor's degree in Ireland - International Students who wish to study for their bachelor's degree in Ireland have a variety of options to choose from various subjects. A bachelor's course is generally completed in 3 to 4 years in full-time modes. 
Masters degrees in Ireland - Ireland is an attractive study abroad destination for masters in all subject areas because of its expertise in higher education, deep appreciation, and reputation for learning. If you are applying for any of the postgraduate courses at the university in Ireland, you need to have a relevant bachelor's degree or diploma.
PhD programs in Ireland - A full-time PhD in Ireland takes 3-4 years to complete. During your Ireland PhD, you will be supervised under the responsibility of at least one academic supervisor, the school or department, and the research institution. Regularly, there will be formal meetings and reviews conducted with your supervisory panel throughout your PhD programs.

Top reasons to study in Ireland

Degree programs studied in Ireland have a high reputation and great respect for learning. Ireland is 1st country in Europe that turned 1000 inhabitants into graduate degree holders. Isn't it excellent?  You can find many more reasons below to study in Ireland: 
Ireland is the root of many worldwide MNCs. There are high chances of an individual getting an opportunity to work for these companies.
The most important benefit of choosing Ireland in Europe is that it becomes moderately simple to move from one nation to another. This is the golden opportunity to use this to explore every part of whatever remains in Europe.
For students who are intrigued by research work then this is an extraordinary place as it is a global center point for amazing research and literature work.
The most advancing motivation to consider education in Ireland is the friendly nature of the Irish people. They warmly welcome international students.

Study in Ireland requirements

To get admission to one of the universities in Ireland, you will need to submit some documents. These documents support your admission application. Different universities and courses have different requirements. However, the most common documents to be submitted during the application are as mentioned below:
Academic Transcripts
English language requirements.
Statement of Purpose
Two Letters of recommendation
Academic Resume
Certificates or achievements and extracurricular activities
A copy of your passport
Portfolio (for students applying for art and design courses or architecture)
Photocopies of all the documents should be translated into English

Top universities in Ireland 

Higher education from graduation to doctoral research programs in Ireland for International students internationally ranked and committed to excellence. You will be surprised to know that 8 universities in Ireland are listed among the top-ranking universities in the world. Universities in Ireland for international students have a good reputation all over the world. Here are the best universities in Ireland:
Trinity College Dublin
University College Dublin
National University of Ireland
University College Cork
Dublin City University
University of Limerick
Maynooth University
Technological University Dublin

Best courses to study in Ireland for international students

Ireland offers an abundance of courses, the students who are willing to study abroad in Ireland. The Education System in the Universities is as excellent as in any European country. Here are some of the courses that are popular at the universities in Ireland 
Psychology courses in Ireland
Nurse courses in Ireland
Software Engineering in Ireland
Physiotherapy courses Ireland
Computer Science in Ireland
Business Management in Ireland
Journalism and Mass Communication

Scholarships to Study in Ireland

If your budget is low, you can also apply for scholarships in Ireland for international students. The Irish government and universities in Ireland offer a plethora of need-based and merit-based scholarships to international students.  Here are a few scholarships available for students who are looking to study in Ireland.
Scholarships by the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)
The Walsh Fellowship
The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships.    
The Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship.

Ireland Student Visa Requirement

To enter Ireland, international students would require to obtain a student visa. Every country has certain visa requirements for different types of visas. For an Ireland student visa, you would require the following documentation:
Letter of visa application duly filled
Two recent passport size photographs
Certificate of English Language Proficiency
A full copy of the passport along with previous passports if any
Proof of enough funds to support your stay in Ireland
Acceptance letter from the respective college or university
Payment proof of tuition fees to the respective college or institute
Copies of all academic certifications
Medical Insurance
Declaration to leave Ireland immediately after the expiry of  your Visa
International students pursuing a Master’s Program can stay up to 2 years in Ireland after their study program is over. They can study further or work in Ireland.
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