The Pre-departure guide we provide to the students aims to give them clear idea of the issues to consider at their departure. This guideline is a great platform for the students to find out about the Step by step preparation is required before they fly to their desired country.

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The Pre-Departure Guide is to Equip Students with the Following Information:

  • Packing checklist
  • Medical Insurance Requirements
  • Tickets booking

Here’s Advice we’ll Give you for Pre-Departure

What to Pack?

Being organized when you are packing will save you a lot of time and hassle in your new country. That’s why we help you with a ready checklist to refer to before leaving your country.


We also guide for the insurance needed. Some countries might need international students to have specific travel or health insurance. We will guide you through this. We will provide you with the link and guide further for this, as per your profile.

Travel Arrangements

Our work does not complete with your obtainment of a Visa. We can also guide you with the tickets booking. We will provide you with a trustable reference. We are there with you in your every step, guiding you thoroughly.

We will be with you till the process end. Our Pre-departure guide will help you to plan your journey hassle-free. We will make sure you are fully informed of the latest information and conditions.