Admission Requirements for Poland

For Bachelors

To apply for selected study program initiating in October for fall semester and February for the spring semester, an applicant ought to contact the admission office of the selected University specifically by email (telephone/fax) or through one of its foreign recruitment workplaces.

On the off chance that an aspirant requires a visa to stay and study in the region of European Union, he or she ought to apply for selected program enough before, with the goal that selects concerning visa issuance is made before the fall/spring semester starts.

Documents Required for Bachelors Candidates

Secondary school endorsement or an official copy issued by the candidate's secondary school.
  • Application Form
  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of ID (passport)
  • Certificate of the English speaking capability alternatively
  • Medical Certificate with no contraindication for studying
  • Admission fees installment receipt.

Documents Required for Master candidates
  • Undergraduate program diploma or an official copy issued by the college.
  • Applicant's CV with the insights about the school and expert profession alternatively.
  • One academic reference and one individual reference alternatively
  • Application form
  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of ID (passport)
  • Evidence of English speaking
  • Medicinal endorsement with no contraindication for contemplating,
  • Admission expense installment receipt.
How to Apply at Universities in Ireland

The most effective method to apply for a graduate degree

For Bachelor's degree courses you apply specifically to on the college's site, so there may be particular prerequisites relying upon your field of study. You will locate the general documents you should subscribe to generally colleges as follows
  • A translated degree secondary school graduation
  • Official academic transcripts with interpretations
  • Application Form
  • Passport size photographs
  • A duplicate of your ID/identification
  • A proof that demonstrates your English capability
  • Verification that you paid the affirmation fees
  • A medical certificate that expresses your capacity to study.

The most effective method to apply for a postgraduate degree

The application to a postgraduate degree course relies on upon the college and specialization and typically requires extra records. These are the documents you generally need to submit.
  • An undergraduate recognized degree with interpretation
  • Official academic transcripts with interpretations
  • A CV with more data about the college you moved on from and your aptitudes
  • An academic reference and an individual reference
  • Application Form
  • A few colleges may likewise request a secondary school degree or the Bachelor theory
  • Different documents additionally required for the Bachelor's programs, for example, passport size photographs, a duplicate of your ID/international ID, a medical certificate and confirmation of expense installment.