Entry Requirement:

For admission to university or college course students have to consider entry requirements in Hungary. These consist mainly on a high school or bachelor diploma (for masters), language proficiency exam and entrance exam. If your first language is not English, and you will need to demonstrate your English language skills. If you apply for a foreign language course, then you’ll also need to show you have the required level of the given foreign language particularly English proficiency test.

In order to be considered an eligible applicant, you need to fulfil certain general criteria. Moreover, individual degree programmes may each have their own specific set of additional requirements. Therefore, you must always check the detailed entry requirements directly with the programme/institution you're applying to.

Students who has not obtained a degree in Hungary are ranked based on their previous academic records when applying for a place at higher education institution. This ranking is based on the student's SGPA or in other words grade point average from previous studies and even work experience if applying for specific programs that require it.

Been part of the education system in Hungary will be a challenging adventurous opportunity and you will earn a degree that will open many doors of opportunities for your future.

How to apply:

Generally International applicants have to gather following application documents and submit at the time of application:

Officially certified copy / copies of high school and university degree / degrees (in English. Copies of documents have to be certified at the Embassy or Consulate of Hungary in the applicant’s country or a neighbouring country),

Certificate of language proficiency (TOEFL IBT or IELTS),

Officially certified copy of the valid passport (non-EU citizens) or ID card (EU citizens),

CV in the language of the programme,

4 passport-sized photographs (size: 45-50 × 35-50 mm, colour or black and white, not older than 3 months)

Letter of recommendation (optional but advantage)

Application Form

After the submission of necessary application documents, the applicant takes a professional entrance examination video conference or personal interview organised by the Faculty of that particular school’s Admissions Board, which then makes a recommendation on the acceptance of the applicant. A Letter of Notification is sent to the applicant based on the result of the entrance examination.

If the applicant has successfully met the requirements of the entrance examination and clear’s the interview the following documents have to be sent to that specific University’s Faculty – these are also necessary to the visa application (non-EU students):

Verification of the transfer of the tuition fee covering the first semester of the academic programme,

Bank statement confirming availability of the sum of money necessary for one year’s residence in Hungary.

After receiving the two complete accurate documents, an Official Letter of Admission will be prepared and sent electronically and/or via post to the applicant. Receiving the Official Letter of Admission, the non-EU country citizen, who is accepted for particular program, has to apply for a visa at the Embassy or Consulate of Hungary in the applicant’s country or a neighbouring country.

Only after obtaining the visa, should the non-EU country citizens admitted to the academic program and can start organising their travel to Hungary.

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