With a long history of higher education, Portugal offers high-quality degree programmes. International students planning to study in Europe have Portugal at the top of their list. If you are among them and want to learn more about it, here we present the main reasons for choosing to study in Portugal.

Why Study in Portugal

Why study in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most favourable countries in Europe for international students. There are several reasons behind choosing Portugal for pursuing higher education degrees. Here we have narrowed down some of the important reasons for studying in Portugal:

1. Excellent universities in Portugal

All over the country, you will find universities which are having a reputation all over the world. The QS world university ranking 2021 has placed 7 Portuguese universities in the list of top universities of the world. These 7 universities are mentioned here:
  • The University of Lisbon ranked at 357
  • The University of Porto ranked at =357
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa ranked at =428
  • The University of Coimbra ranked at 431
  • The University of Aveiro ranked at 581-590
  • The University of Minho ranked at 591-600
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa - UCP ranked at 801-1000

2. The education system in Portugal

Portugal is a signatory to the Bologna Process. Thus it upholds the standard of Europe in their Higher education. You can obtain all the degree of higher education in Portugal, Bachelor, Masters and PhD. The degree obtained from the University of Portugal will take your career to another level.

3. Learn Portuguese – a global language

If you will study in Portugal you will learn at least some basics of the Portuguese language. If you are successful in learning Portuguese, you will be speaking the world’s 6th most spoken language. Portuguese is the main language in 9 countries and is spoken by over 250 million people in the world.

Knowing the Portuguese language would bring you numerous benefits in your future career since language skills are highly looked after by the employers in this world.  This will be a great CV-booster once you graduate and can help you build networks with people in four different continents, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

4. Affordable Tuition Fees in the universities in Portugal

The tuition fees at the Portuguese universities are affordable and also worth it to pay. At public Portuguese universities, tuition fees are around €750 to €1200 per annum. This makes education affordable and accessible to the majority of students all over the world. Private universities charge higher tuition fees than public universities but yet are much affordable than other parts of Europe.

5. The low cost of living in Portugal

Portugal is a relatively cheaper country compared to the rest of Western Europe. This means that if you are on a low budget but want to get quality abroad education, Portugal is the right place for you.  You can manage reasonably well in smaller student cities with under $1000. This is one of the biggest reasons to study in Portugal.

6. Scholarships to Study in Portugal

There are several scholarships available for international students in Portugal. These are offered by universities, government and other entities. These are awarded based on financial needs or previous academic results. It helps international students with a waiver in the tuition fees or financial aids. Thus decreasing the overall cost of studying in Portugal.
Not only that, if you are successful in obtaining fully paid scholarships, you can study for free in the country. Isn't it a good idea for international students who cannot afford abroad studies? This is one of the biggest benefits of studying in Portugal. 

7. Portugal welcomes foreigners warmly

The Portuguese are known for their reputation for being hospitable. The locals will warmly receive you. Without discriminating between tourists or foreigners from local people, this country looks at each visitor as a welcome guest. They will also help you and assist you throughout your stay in Portugal. Isn’t it amazing? With this welcoming culture, you will easily get adjusted in this new country.

8. It opens up doors for your future

If you study in Portugal, you will have the rights over plenty of opportunities. While studying in Portugal, you will find many start-ups and small companies who would welcome you to join their team. No matter, what language you speak, it is a language that will be beneficial to these companies to grow across the world. 

After obtaining a degree in Portugal, you will be open to plenty of opportunities. Doors for the career enhancement will be open to you in both, the local start-up scene and in larger international businesses. Study in Portugal for Indian students and other international students will bring a bright future.

9. Study in Portugal in English

Though Portuguese is the principal language in Portuguese, you can still find courses which are taught in English. Many Private universities offer courses taught in English, especially at the postgraduate level. So you don’t need to worry if you are not fluent enough in the Portuguese language. You will still have the opportunity to study in Portugal.

10. Study in Portugal without IELTS

Yes, this is great news, right? Even if you don’t appear for the IELTS, you can get a chance to get admission in a Portuguese university. Several colleges in Portugal do not ask for the IELTS if your previous education was completed in the English language. This is one of the major advantages to those who want to study abroad without appearing for IELTS. 

11. Study and work in Portugal

International Students are allowed to work part-time during their studies in Portugal. They can work for up to  40 hours during their semester. They can also get the opportunity to work for more hours during the holiday and in the summer months. To work during your studies in Portugal you will need authorization from the SEF. This can be a great benefit for you to cover some of your living expenses while studying in Portugal.
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