Top 7 tricks to Save Money While Studying Abroad

16 August, 2017



Studying abroad provides you with valuable insight into the world. It not only improves your survival abilities, but also gives you the chance to experience a new culture. There are some study abroad challenges that you have to face while studying abroad. While studying abroad does not have to cost you a fortune, there are things you can do during your time abroad that will make your study abroad experience both affordable and worthwhile.

Mentioned below are several ways you can save cost of living while studying Abroad.

Avoid Regular ATM Withdrawals
ATM withdrawals come with a transaction fee, and a great technique of saving money is to look for a bank that doesn't charge you an ATM fee every time you make a withdrawal.

Make Use of Public Transportation
One way of saving money while Studying Abroad is by utilizing of the public transportation services that are accessible to you. Public transportation is a much more possible preference when
studying abroad, avoid using cabs and choose using the subway or the bus instead. Cycling is another fun way of traveling around; it gives you the opportunity to explore the city.

Cut Down On Your Calling Expenses
Using prepaid calling cards to get in touch with your family and friends back home can be expensive, especially when you are trying to cut down on expenses. There are several video and internet calling services that you can use that are not just cheaper, but also cost efficient.

Avoid Eating Out All the Time
Avoid eating at restaurants all the time; this will assuredly burn a hole into your pocket sooner than expected. Home cooked meals are beneficial and healthy, and will help you save money during your time abroad. Buying your groceries in bulk will keep you from making multiple trips to the grocery store and will also save on travel costs.

Don't Buy Things on Impulse
You may find yourself buying things you don't require. Avoid doing this, and only buy items that are an absolute requirement. Buying things on a desire will leave you with a long bill by the end of the month.

Make Use of Student Discounts
Your student ID comes with its share of benefits. There are certain rights that you can enjoy by just being a student in a foreign country. Student IDs can earn you a discount while visiting certain tourist attractions, and can also gain you free access to museums. There are also discounts you can avail at libraries, restaurants and movie theatres.

Maintain A Budget and Stick To It
When studying abroad, make sure that you keep a budget and stick to it, noting down your expenditures for the whole month will help you keep track of your spending. Make budget cuts where you can and ensure that you keep away some extra money in case of emergencies.

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