Tips to study Abroad when you are not fluent in language

13 February, 2017



So, you've started to have a few thoughts about studying abroad? Think you'd get the chance to get out on the world and expand your educational, cultural and social skylines? If that is the situation, here are a couple best 'scene setting' tips to consider.

Be prepared to learn a new language. Many of the world's top colleges teach in English however are situated in non-English speaking countries. Learn a few phrases of the local language to help you adjust and meet people. If the language is the same as yours, try and find out about the way of life to take advantage of your new environment.

A mandatory quality that every student who wishes to go abroad for further studies is that he should be good at communicating in English. Here are some tips for how to go abroad and how to feel both comfortable and safe in a country when you don’t speak the language. Here are some tips such as take initiative and learn the basics there are few applications that are free and can help you to prepare to go abroad.

Befriending locals is great way to learn how to communicate in the local language! By doing these you can make friends from corner of the world and along with these you will have real sense of where locals eat, shop for groceries and learn the strategies how they navigate the area.

By asking previous study abroad participant or professors for tutoring recommendations for you and some other peers who are also hoping to gain language experience, however they can teach you  and give opportunities to learn by pre departure spoken language intensive reviews, to orientation sessions. By downloading apps and bringing dual language dictionaries this will not only help to speak the language but also make a sense of a map, traffic signals and schedules, dual language dictionary can help you to communicate more efficiently and can make you easy to move around.

Be open minded and flexible by choosing to live in a country where you don’t speak the local language definitely an admirable challenge. If you are staying with the host family show them interest in their culture and interest in learning and ask to practice by trying to coordinate language with exchange with other students.