Structure Of Education In Spain

30 November, -1



Study in Spain

According to the Spanish Constitution of 1978, there is a division of powers in education between the various entities and administrations present in the State of Spain. The central government has exclusive authority to regulate the structure of the different educational levels and conditions for obtaining, issuing and standardization of academic and professional qualifications reserves.
University studies are structured in cycles, and taking as a measure of workload credit.

Structure and Access 

  • First cycle studies:
Get access pre-registration. Terminals studies to be completed titles Diploma, Teacher, Technical Architect or Engineer is obtained. They allow access to second cycle studies. They are equivalent to the current title titles Grado. 2 Studies first and second cycle: access to university enrollment. He is overcoming entitling to obtaining the degrees of Bachelor, architect or engineer. Passing the first cycle of any of these studies does not involve obtaining any formal qualifications, but may be valid for incorporating other second cycle studies. These securities are equivalent to the current title of Master.
  • Second cycle studies:
  Studying in Spain access by way of a college junior or being in possession of the title of diploma, technical architect, engineer or teacher, provided that these studies would comply with the rules of access for each of the according cycles. His improvement was also right to obtain the qualifications of degree, architect or engineer, equivalent to the current degree of Master titles.