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France is considered as the best student city for studies and jobs, there are number of oppurtunities for jobs available over there. In france a student can work part time JOB for 20 hours per week. He can get job upto 7 to 8 euros per hour.There are various types of jobs available in France i.e. part time job, self employment, etc. In seeking employment, a student can find a job through local media and local centres known as ANPE,old name,  the local new name is Pole Employi. Employers requires a proof a identity also a proof  doc. where you work, and they also provide a written contract, even for temporary employment. A student over there also require to open new bank account In France, as all employers over there are required to pay their wages and salaries through bank cheque or by bank draft This is obligatory for any employee earning over 1500 a month.
Besides seeking employment, there is work contract available which includes the two main types of employment contracts in France, there are temporary contract also known as CDD and open contract known as CDI. Most new jobs are in the form of CDD; at the end date of CDD the student has to renew the contract. A CDD in theory can be renewed only once. This contract last upto 18 months. The employers who wish to keep their employment for long time have to sign CDI. However, employees on a CDI are hard and expensive, even in the event of economic downturn, most employers try to keep the new employees on CDD for so long, and many (including public service employers, i.e. the French state) respect the law in this matter.
The third type of  work contract is the "seasonal labour" contract, it is limited to sectors which only depends on seasonal factors. This type of contract is very common in the tourism and agricultural sectors. For the self employed people, til 2009, setting up as self employed was counted to be very expensive in France, also a complex process. For those struggling to make ends meet, life was hard, very hard. But since January 1st 2009, things have become much easier, fairer and cheaper. The new   self-employed entrepreneur scheme is a one-stop pay-as-you-earn self employment system, in that all taxes and social securities payments due are based on actual earnings.  This new scheme is recommended for every person who wanted to set up new business, the annual income of this activity does not exceed €32,000 for service activities which includes translator, decorator,plumber, IT consultant, etc or 80,000 from activities including selling of goods.