USA Visa Success Rate

30 November, -1



United States of America is considered as the most chosen destination by the students to shape their academic career. Every year the number of students is increasing who apply for their further studies in USA. But the most important aspect a student needs to take care is to apply for Student Visa. In the whole

process this is considered as the most vital step. Getting a student Visa is a lengthy procedure but not a tough one. Efforts made to get the student visa are considered as worthy because it fulfills a student’s dream to study in a country like USA. The university for which the student has applied;issues Form-i20, the student should proceed to apply for Student visa. The student applying for visa should not take a date more than 120 days before the date of Program start date on the Form-i20 issued to him.

The student should have his intentions clear crystal that he wants to enter USA for academic purpose. The student after getting visa cannot enter USA before 30 days of the start date of the program. It becomes most important for the student to have a valid i-20 form from the institution where he is looking forward to have the admission. The modes of payment that a student can have to apply for visa application fees of USD 160 are through National Electronic Fund Transfer, through Mobile Phones, & in cash over the counter. The most important factor
Visa application