Stay Back Benefits Of France

11 August, 2017



No matter what your reason be, if you are thinking about studying abroad, you are also hopeful to look for full-time service after completing your education. There are many reasons why it holds great importance. Studying in the same country can add valuable experience on your resume, help you find a permanent place in the country or even help you in repaying that huge student loan. But not everybody can get a job in the college. Jobs might take time and every country has diverse rules regarding the same for international students. Simply put, while the part time work options for international students is important, students also want to understand what are the guidelines for the Post Study Work Permit and Options. This article of Join in Campus refers to the rules and guidelines as relevant for Indian Students studying in or planning to study in France.

Post Study Work Permissions on Student Visa

There are different kinds of student visas existing for France and each kind of student visa has a built in eligibility of post study work permissions. Here’s a quick look at the same.
Name Post Study Work Permit
Visa de court séjour pour etudes No
Visa de long séjour temporaire pour etudes No
Visa de long séjour etudes Yes

Simply put, students who are planning to take up small and short term courses in France cannot stay on in France. Only students who are taking up long term courses like bachelors and masters and have a Visa de Long Sejour Etudes or Long Stay Study Visa for France get the permission to stay on in the country after completing the course.

Tenures Allowed
Students Completing Bachelor Studies Not allowed
Students completing masters’ program 24-month post study work permit
A student, upon completing the studies in France, must, as per the migration rules of the country, leave France. She/he can, though, apply for residence permit for France if she/he has a paid employment. This is applicable for both bachelor and master’s program and students would have to apply for a work permit.

For master’s students, though, there is good news. While bachelor degree holders can stay on only if they have a work permit, the students pursuing
Masters from France get an extra benefit. On completing the master’s course, a student can apply for and get a temporary residence permit – APS, for a period of 24 months. (It is important to note that earlier the rule stated 12 months and to which all students the 24 month period would be applicable is still not clear. The current visa holders already staying in France or about to start their course must seek clarification from the Visa Office.)

What is important to understand that this extended residence permit allows a student only to take up part time employment of up to 964 hours – as allowed to students already
studying in French Universities. This relates to about 60% of full employment. If a student, in the interim, is able to find employment that is more than 1.5 times of the minimum wage guarantee, she/he must then apply for a Work Permit. So when deciding on which country to study in, keep these advantages of French opportunities in mind.