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Students choose to study in USA because it is one of the most preferred destinations for Study Abroad than any other country in the world. Taking a degree from USA has immense value because of its enhanced learning & academic excellence. Many American institutions have global respect.

Talking about the Ranking of American Universities below is the statistics:

  • >   16 universities in the USA are ranked in the world's top 20 universities.
  • >   52 US universities are ranked the top 100 universities worldwide.
  • >   77 American universities ranked the best 200 universities in the world.

Talking about ACADEMIC CHOICES student has a very flexible pattern of changing their majors after 1 or 2 years. Therefore students have an opportunity to design their courses as per their interests and strengths. If International students go to USA on F-1 Visa they get an opportunity of temporary employment through (OPT) Optional Practical Training and over & above many times these opportunities are paid.


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Canada proudly has ranking in the top G-7 countries and it has achieved the tag of best ranked education system in the world. The best part is that Canadian Government has a major role in this by contributing generously towards the development of schools & colleges by helping them to get upgraded with all the modern amenities and technologies. Moreover a degree or diploma taken from Canada is highly accepted and respected all over the world. The best advantage a student gets by studying in Canada is the benefit of programs which are designed by the school along with industry leader's collaboration.

Immediately amended a rule give the students advantage of work permit which was earlier for one or two years depending on the location and program. Now without any restrictions of the type of employment or any other factor the students will be able to easily obtain the work permit extended up to three years. After completing the graduation the graduates and employers have equivalent advantage indirectly benefiting the needs of Canada's labor market. There is an ocean of some very good courses for under graduate and graduate levels.

Even talking about the cost of studying in Canada, it is comparatively lower than other countries. Even there is a big support of scholarships by the Canadian government providing financial assistance to students. Moreover Canada has an extra-ordinary culture where every international student will find a new home for themselves regardless of their religions, race, color, sex etc.


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New Zealand as a choice for education by the students is growing rapidly because of the education quality and employment opportunities in this island. Talking about the financial portion, education in New Zealand is affordable and also it is qualitative. There are good institutes compared to other countries due to which there are no issues relating to Visa Approval for international students. Even the job opportunities are sufficient enough for the students but the only thing is that a student has to be patient enough to take a job with low wages initially which will give them experience for future jobs.

The value of New Zealand degree is recognized globally and it proves to be even cheaper for the students compared to other countries. A student with NZ degree will get the same job as he would have got in any other country. On the top of everything a student's competency plays a major role in hunting for a desired job. International students even decide for permanent residency in New Zealand leaving the better opportunities in their home country for the quality of facilities they get which matters a lot no matter how small it may be. The most demanded courses for which students migrate to New Zealand be it be for permanent residency or for employment opportunities are business related courses, computing & hospitality.

The education system of New Zealand is based on the British system therefore it has global value and reorganization. International students have to prove to the immigration department that they have sufficient funds to move to New Zealand which includes expenses like food, travel expenses, accommodation etc. According to latest research the annual expenses for international students to move to New Zealand will be approximately NZ $ 15000. Apart from these expenses a major expense is for tuition fees which differs as pre the courses & universities opted by the students.


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