Spain Scholarships

Spanish Government Scholarships for International Students

MS Degrees

Deadline: January 2017
Study in: Spain
Next course starts Oct 2017

Brief description:

The scholarships are implemented by MAEC-AECI for Foreigners pursuing Masteral Studies (both under the plan as old as the European Higher Education Area) and Research in Spanish universities and their affiliated centers and other agencies.

Host Institution(s):

Spanish Universities, Research Centers and Academic institutions.

Field(s) of Study:

Not specified.

Number of Awards:

No Specified

Target group:

Foreign Nationals/International Students

Scholarship value/inclusions:

Masteral Studies

  • For studies in the municipality of Madrid and the whole academic year, 600 per month, plus board and lodging in one of two residence halls Foundation Halls MAEC-AECI (CM CM Africa and Guadeloupe), valued at 945 euros monthly charge of the AECI.
  • For studies outside the municipality of Madrid, or in case of exhaustion of the previous mode, 1,200 euros per month.
  • Tuition support of up to 2,000 euros.


General Requirements

1. Having the nationality of their country of origin and have no residence in Spain. Except the applicants who have the refugee status granted by the Kingdom of Spain, under Law 5 / 1984 of 26 March, regulating the Right of Asylum and Refugee Status, as amended by Law 9 / 1994 May 19.

2. Applicants with dual citizenship must choose which nationality they wish to complete the scholarship application form and therefore provide identification data for the same.

3. Application one scholarship per person per call.

4. There have been a beneficiary of any program of the Call for MAEC-AECI, six or more months, or the Carolina Foundation, in the last three years.

5. Possession of national passport valid for at least six months at the time of entering the study center destination.

6. Possess the necessary qualifications legally required to take the course you selected at the time of applying for scholarship.

7. Make suitable arrangements for the timely recognition to the corresponding educational authorities, where this is required for course of studies chosen.

8. Not having passed, preferably 35 years of age at the period end date of the grant application.

9. For citizens of countries whose official language is Spanish, prove sufficient knowledge of the Spanish language.

10. Not be subject to any of the prohibitions contained in Article 13.2 of Law 38/2003 of 17 November, General Grant ( "BOE" 18 ") contained in Annex II to this call, with the exception of paragraph f ) as stated in Article 3. Number of the said Order of bases of 11 April 2005, which governs this call.

11. Indicate a permanent email address, personal and not transferable for notification purposes.

12. While processing the application for the grant, the request for preadmission destination center studies shall be performed in accordance with the requirements prescribed therein, the grant of that allowance being subject to final acceptance for admission by the center under the conditions that determine the same.

13. Fill in good and due form, entirely in Spanish, the matching grant application form.

14. Meet the specific requirements indicated profile of applicants for each scholarship programs, organized into different chapters depending on the source of potential beneficiaries.

Specific Requirements for Masteral Studies

  • A university degree, preferably three years before the time of entering the study center destination, with career prospect for further endorsed teaching or research at universities or their country of origin upon return.
  • Pre-admitted to a University/Academic Institution/Research Center.

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