There are many types of courses available in France related engineering, management, arts,luxury and brand management and many more.


The ECTS is a learner-centered system. It refers to the amount of time a student needs to complete the learning activities, such as self-study, seminars, projects or exams, to achieve the course outcomes.

A full-time student would need to complete 60 ECTS per academic year, which represents about 1,500 to 1,800 hours of study. To pass a course, the student generally must receive a minimum of 10 out of 20; this is an acceptable passing mark.

There is no direct relation between ECTS and Job which student gets but more ECTS achieved high profiled Job with Good pay Scale the student can get.


No. We only deal with private and semi private universities in France.


The student should be below 22 years for applying in Bachelors Program and for masters program age should be below 40 years.


Bachelors it starts from 6280 Euros/year and for Masters it starts from 8260 Euros/year.


Yes, student can pay through Installments.


Yes, from here the student needs to pay the fees for the first year and for the second year he/she can pay in the beginning of the second year.


The student has to pay tuition fees through Bank transfer directly to the school.


There is online and offline application process. It is depends on the school.


Post Study Permit is offered by College that is Stay Back Option for 1 year, also it depends on ECTS and accreditation of program student will be eligible for 2 years post study.


Yes, as soon as the student gets work visa, he/she can travel in Europe.


As soon as the student gets job the student has to apply for Work permit Visa. The duration of the visa depends on the duration of his job.


The student should contact the VFS and apply with the necessary documents required, minimum 2-3 months before the expiry of his/her visa.


The student can visit all the countries which come under Schengen visa.


Students spouse can apply for the respective visa and yes it is possible to get the visa too. But the dependent is not allowed to work in France. Until student finish his study period and is on stay back period.


1) Short Term Visa – This Visa is generally for Short term courses for 3-4 months, for the duration of 90 days.

2) Long Term Visa – This Visa is for more than 90 days of duration of stay that means the course should be of at least 12 months.

3) Long Term Temporary Visa - If you plan to stay for a period shorter than 6 months, you will be issued, provided you fulfill the requirements, a temporary long-stay visa (TLSV). This visa will not make you eligible for social benefits during your stay.


26 European countries except (UK and Ireland).


Block ticket is to be carried just for the filing Visa. If student Visa will be approved then only student has to book the ticket.


As it is also known as Alumni Visa. Student must be holding Master Degree from France only for applying this Visa. He can stay 90 days there and he has to return back India for 90 days. Student can go with Spouse & Children. It is applicable for Tourist and Business Visa only.

Note – France Visa has been granted for 3 months that is Carte de Sejour, student has to contact to International Relation Department, student has to apply for Temporary Resident Permit, and student has to submit several documents to Prefecture de Police. Fees for Temporary Residence Card are 55 Euros.


Yes. Students get paid internships in France for 4 to 6 months. They get approx. 550 Euros/month.


Yes, mostly all the courses have internship option available in France. The student should pass in the past semester modules before going for the internship semester.


Post Study Permit is offered by College that is Stay Back Option for 1 year, also it depends on ECTS and accreditation of program student will be eligible for 2 years post study.


It is not difficult to get a part time job in France. It also depends on the students skills.


IT/Business Management courses are scope worthy courses in France. Quality students do secure a good job after their education in France.


There are good opportunities of jobs in France. Students will get internships and if the company is satisfied by student work, they can extend their working policy in their Company through which student can apply for work permit visa.


They can guide the students for getting job.


It is not mandatory but French language known will be a plus point for your profile to get part or full time job easily. The student should know basic of French language.


For any course the student registers the respective college/university do teach international student french language (it is a part of the program). There are many French government classes also established by the government where the student can enroll with nominal fees.


Yes, if the student knows the language it will become easy for him to communicate with people in day-to-day life and language known will be add up to his/her profile when he/she will be applying for jobs.


If student is learning French from India it will be beneficial. Else it is not mandatory to learn French to study in France.


Yes, there is an option of PR in France after 5 years. The student will be eligible to apply for the same after he gets his job i.e. work permit visa.


Yes there are PR Opportunities for the students.


The average living expenses are 850 Euros per month in Paris and 650 euros other cities. According to the government the student gets a minimum pay of 7.5-9 Euros per hour working part time.


The schools/ Universities help the students in finding the accommodation. Also campus accommodation is available.


There are good numbers of scholarships the student can apply for, that are Charpak, Eiffel, II-de-France scholarships etc. Students can secure these scholarships depending on their overall profile and requirements.


Campus France centre verify the students documents and then gives NOC (no objection certificate). NOC letter is required for submitting file in VFS.


The student has to carry all his academics mark sheets and certificates including expense statement and long stay form.


To the nearest VFS center.


There are 14 VFS and 16 Campus France centers in India, in major cities.


It’s 300 KB per document.


Yes student has to pay for French Social Security after reaching France. It’s approx. 217 Euros.


As in Visa Filing there is Premium Lounge Service, in that student gets appointment on prior basis, also student gets premium services at time of filing Visa. For this service student has to pay additional 2000 INR along with 99 euros.


Prime Time Service is only available in Delhi and Bangalore for Visa Filing, only on Saturday Visa Filing is accepted; additionally student has to pay 40 euros.


If the age of student is less than 26 years then he/she has to take travel insurance for 3 months. And if the age of the student is more than 26 years then student has to take travel insurance for 1 year. And it should be 30000 Euros.


We have the following engineering, IT related specializations available: Energy & Environment, ISM, Embedded systems, transportation & mobility, nuclear engineering, Software engineering, computer security, electronics and telecommunication.


Campus France processing fees is 15500 INR.


France Visa fees is 99 euros.


Visa processing time is minimum 15-20 working days.


CAF benefit is a housing subsidy, student receives 30% to 40% of subsidy on rent by French Government on actual accommodation taken. Student can claim this subsidy after 2- 2.5 months once student reaches France.