Paris Ranked As The Best Student City : 2015-16

Published annually, the QS Best Student Cities index showcases the best urban destinations for international students, based on a diverse range of indicators grouped into five key categories. These five main categories are: university rankings, affordability, student mix, desirability, and employer activity.

As the French capital continues to deal with the aftermath of the recent terror attacks, it retains its place at the top of the QS Best Student Cities index – topping the list for the fourth year running.

Study in Germany in English

German universities have a quite good network with universities all over the world. Every year thousands of students have the opportunity to go abroad and spend some time in a different country, studying and living. This should be the same way for international students. Because of this, German universities and technical colleges try to provide enough university places for international students and they also make efforts to support them in many other questions concerning the time abroad.

TOP 3 Career making Fields to Study In Netherlands

The Netherlands is the fifth biggest economy in Europe and the country brags high scores in worldwide measures of satisfaction and prosperity. Dutch colleges are understood for offering a broad scope of study controls and their top quality in training. Figure out the three famous key fields to study in the Netherlands. Engineering projects are mainstream among students. All things considered, what preferred spot to study engineering than to learn in a country that builds bridges all over those canals.

Travelling on a Student Budget in Europe

I have always wanted to live in Europe and travel to every country in Europe. When I left Toronto two months ago, I thought I was well on my way to checking those two things off my bucket list, but very soon two harsh realities hit me like a big, yellow bus.That doesn't mean I am going to compromise on my game plan. I am determined to find ways to travel Europe for cheap and share that wealth of knowledge with everyone else (no pun intended).

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Study In France

The "City of Light" infers late night walks around the moonlit Seine, unending luxurious enjoyments, and all things expressions and society – from music and museums to cafes and cinema. But Paris, along with its fellow French cities, also shines is as a destination for international students— so much so that for the second straight year the city has claimed the top spot of the best cities to study. For those seeking a top-rate education while immersed in a vibrant and cultured setting, France offers incomparable joie de vivre.