The Pros and Cons of working part-time

30 November, -1



Temporary employees create a heavily populated working environment which is a growing concept termed as gig economy. For getting adjusted in this type of temporary working environment, a student has to juggle up his work, classes and school work. For a student who wishes to bolster the existing funds working in gig economy can be helpful. A student can easily have an added advantage of gig economy because this is a world wide spread phenomenon but the only constraint is the availability of internet because a student can share his expertise digitally, so for the delivery of expertise internet is must.

It proves to be the best perks for the entire community of students who gets involved into gigs to sustain and smoothen their living in a new country. Once a student gets adjusted in a stream work, he can easily adjust his schedule along with his classes. The biggest advantage of working part-time is a student gets to learn the language and culture of the country where he has landed for abroad studies because it is easy to get adapted while you are in a country where you want to get habituated because it becomes difficult when you are doing a 9-5 job. But the biggest insecurity also lies with gig economy which is inconsistent flow of cash that can be scary for a person who is used to a regular flow of income. Because a person gets habituate with a lifestyle that depends on every monthly paychecks.

Working in a gig economy transfers a superior quality of being one’s own boss with minimum supervision because no one will interfere in your work unless you are running late. But there is always a feeling of hanging sword on your head because there is minimum job security for a student because here you get paid for the work you do, so it talks about your efficiency and on the top of that there are no holidays or paid leaves which forces a student to equally balance the study and work life. Thus conclusively it can be said that getting involved in a gig economy can be a new experience for a student
studying abroad.