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At Join in Campus we emphasize the value of going abroad when you are an undergraduate student. Going abroad while you are in school affords you so many opportunities that are often lost once you are graduate. From smaller deals such as student discount for flights or museums to the possibility of getting fully funded with scholarships, there’s no other experience living in another country than when you are a student.

Study abroad is for students enrolled in college or university regardless of academic field of study. Includes Academic credit in which study abroad includes studying program that can be applied towards your undergraduate degree programs that they directly aligned to your chosen program, another one is financial scholarship to check with various offices & speaking with your academic advisor in which parts is your financial academic can be transfer to in which program it is applied to this makes you sure about how much you need to pay out of your pocket.

International Internship for undergraduate students seeking international professional/ work experience & potentially academic credit. It’s worth mentioning that there are some study abroad programs that offer both mix of classes & internship opportunities. So if students find themselves between any of them they don’t have to!!  For Intern abroad it is possible to earn academic credit for an internship, in some cases if you more hours in spend interning, the more credits you can apply towards your degree. In financial scholarships most internship are unpaid for this reason getting academic credit is ideal, since you can try and transfer some financial help aid with cost of abroad. Ultimately it’s important to reflect on the type of international experience you want in order to make best choice for you. Whether you want to study or intern!!