Right Of Education In Hungary

30 November, -1



The M.Sc.( Masters of Science ) is a type diplomats and higher education within the Bologna process , including Hungary . The developed system was designed to create a common system of higher education in Europe. This way the students can easily átjelentkezhetnek foreign universities for higher education to post without aptitude test, and also easier to work abroad.

The Bologna system of the stairs is the second, those students who went through the basic level, B.Sc. system, can enroll in the second cycle, the master's degree, with a half-two-year master's degree called Master (M.Sc., M.A., etc.) Degree may acquire. This corresponds to a master's degree at a university diploma in the old system. After graduation can be located on the labor market or enroll in the doctoral, PhD training.Conditions official M.Sc.degree Higher level students will receive a master's degree who: During the training, the knowledge regarding proven:

Study territory of systematic knowledge and understanding of the learning and the information mostly from discipline or professional experience gained limits of knowledge, new problems, new phenomena in critical processing capacities of individuals; and research using its own scientific work needed for a wide range of applications in-depth knowledge of problem solving techniques;

The original vision and their way of thinking on the knowledge gained in the implementation and utilization of practical and problem-solving techniques of usability; adequate information on the relationship between science deeper understanding and explaining the procedures of obtaining required;

Conceptual thinking and abstraction competently use, which enables the graduates of the disciplines of current research and critical evaluation of scientific work, evaluation of the various methodologies, self-criticism and, if necessary, to develop alternatives to rise. Application of knowledge regarding appropriate:

a systematic approach and creatively new and complex topics to deal with, despite its shortcomings, the available data is correct as far as possible to formulate an opinion or judgment, decisions taken and the conclusions resulting introduce understandable for professional and non-professional audience; in self-understanding of the problems to be solved and solving activities and original ideas raised; individually designed professionally at a high level and perform tasks; to raise their skills to the next level, training area of the inner laws of understanding and deepen önműveléssel, önfejlesztéssel constantly develop new capabilities.

In the field of professional attitudes and behavior have Properties and other areas is needed in jobs can be transferred knowledge and collaborative skills are required The exercise of initiative and personal responsibility,Decision-making is complex and unpredictable situations, the professional training to independent learning skills the ability to critically evaluate their own activities and to build and maintain values seeking purposeful behavior.