Get Admission in Tuition Free University in Europe for International Students

30 November, -1



Though countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and so on offered tuition cost free colleges for international students in the past, the question is, "What is the present status of tuition free universities/colleges for international students?" "Are there still higher institutions out there offering free education for international students from developing countries?" Let's answer this question here.

In the past, Germany didn't generally charge tuition fees. Yet, this has changed. Some government states are charging fees, others are going to abolish them. You'll need to contact the University of your Choice to find out if it charges tuition fees. At first, fees were introduced for long term students, visiting students (i.e. from different colleges) and for members of postgraduate and Master's programs.
Now, however, some federal states also charge tuition fees of around 500 Euros per semester and giving
Scholarship to study in Germany to financial aid students for first degree (undergraduate) courses, such as Bachelor's, Diploma, or Magister programmes. Most Master's programmes charge tuition fees. Tuition can amount to between 650 and several thousand Euros per semester.

Latvia used to be one of the few countries in Europe that don't charge fees for both residential and international students. All students regardless to nationality-have been financed by Latvian citizens. However since 2011, the Latvia parliament passed a law to introduce tuition cost and application charges for students not from an EU/EEA nation or Switzerland beginning from the following academic year, which has officially produced results. This expense however is supplemented by grant programs in Latvia. Also Latvia is providing 
Free Education in Europe.
Talking about the tuition free universities or colleges for international students that don't force hard entry requirements or conditions on any international student, Europe has a majority of these colleges. In spite of the fact that some European nations quit admitting foreign students to enjoy free scholarship programs, free educational cost colleges for foreign students still exist in Europe. Some of these educational cost free colleges can be found in Spain, Poland and so on.