8 Study abroad Scholarships that every student should be aware about

30 November, -1



For the students who desire to go abroad for studies the biggest obstacle can be the funding part. Students get into trouble while arranging the funds just because they are unaware about different types of scholarships available for study abroad programs. From a big list of scholarships here are the top eight scholarships for study abroad programs. Diversity Abroad is in the co-operation with AIFS Foundation and it gives assistance in the way of scholarship of $500 to the students who have an economic disadvantage and it is open to the students for whole year. Second board is Fund for Education Abroad who offers scholarships to students who desire to study high quality programs by cutting their cost in terms of scholarship assistance open for whole year.

There is another SIT Study Abroad Pell Grant Match which is a study abroad program for those students who are highly qualified but they are in the need of financial assistance open to them for whole year or else they would not have taken the international opportunities. Fourth one is Boren awards for International study that is especially for U.S graduates and under-graduates open to them in the mid late January and mid late February who are willing to learn languages which are not common. Fifth one is Academic Programs International available to the students who have minimum 2.75 GPA and based on the circumstances, need and merit who have applied to API programs and are first member from their family to go abroad for studies with its deadlines as June 10, October 15 & December 15. 

Coming on to the sixth program is the IES Diversity Scholarships which is especially for those students who are underrepresented and belonging to racial and unethical groups, belonging to low income families with its deadline May 1 and October 25. Seventh program is CIEE Global Access Initiative providing $ 1 million grant to students who are economically challenge. And the last one is by Benjamin A Gilman especially for under graduate students who do not receive the funding from Federal Pell Grant having its deadline open throughout the year.