Top 10 Reasons to Study In Netherlands

25 March, 2020



The Netherlands is a spectacular country which attracts thousands of international students every year because of its quality of education, Top-ranked Universities, distinct teaching methods and many more which is among the best in the world, 

Below are Top 10 Reasons to Study In Netherlands, which will explain to you clearly why one should study in the Netherlands.

Top 10 Reasons to Study In Netherlands

1. Study in World’s One of the Best Education Systems:

When we talk about the Best Education System, Netherlands tops in that even though the country is small in size. Because of Netherland’ s Best Education System, it attracts the highest number of international students in this competitive market. Netherlands education system consists of high-quality education, Top-Ranking Universities, English taught Programs, easy learning and flexibility.

2. Study in Netherland in English:

Netherlands is one of the most flexible countries where maximum people can speak English which makes international students feel at ease while studying in the Netherlands and therefore it can be counted in the Top 10 Reasons to Study in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands more than 2100 programs are taught in English which covers masters, bachelor's & Ph.D. Programs of different fields.

3. Scholarships Available:

There are lots & lots of scholarships available for international students in Netherlands. There are different scholarships available for different levels of education and for different fields. Following are the list of different types of Scholarships available in Netherland:

  • Holland Scholarship

  • The Netherlands Fellowship Programs

  • The Erasmus Mundus Program 

  • Radboud Scholarship Program

  • University of Twente Scholarships

  • Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme 

  • The Hague University’s World Citizen Talent Scholarship for International Students

4. Study in one of the Finest Student cities of the World:

Amsterdam in Netherlands is one of the finest student cities of the World. It comprises more than 1,00,000 Students around the Globe. This multicultural & broadminded city is one of the Top 10 reasons to Study in Netherlands. Being the finest student city in Amsterdam, it consists of Top Ranking Universities, good libraries, friendly people, & good restaurants which will make their study experience a memorable one. 

5. Gateway to Top- Ranking Universities:

Universities like the Vrije University, University of Twente, Haque University, Radboud University are among the Top-ranked universities in Europe and the world. As per the 2018 Global University rankings, Universities in the Netherlands are among the best in the world. These universities consist of the advanced research facilities, best teachers, brightest students, etc So Top Ranking Universities in Netherlands is one of the Top 10 reasons to Study in Netherlands.

6. Distinct Method of Teaching:

The teaching of Dutch People is very different compared to others. They use an interactive method of teaching which covers working in groups, which results in developing creative thinking, practical problem, problem analysis, and team spirit. Here students are encouraged to share &  and discuss with their teachers &  and clear their doubts. With these teaching methods, international students can get a unique experience. 

7. Located in Europe’s Centre with the International Culture:

Netherlands is located at the Centre of Europe which leads students to get connected with the other countries of the world easily. Because of the good location, students can get good transport systems also. German, British, and French cultures meet at Netherlands which gives the touch of  International Culture. So Netherlands is the proper blend of central location & and International Culture.

8. Always Advance in the Field of Technical Studies:

Netherlands has advanced in the field of technical studies & and it also stands at 17th position in the largest economies of the world As Netherlands is a leader in areas such as dyke building, logistics, sustainable energy, water management, art & design, Banking & Finance, dredging, etc. international students can easily learn about these fields by staying in NetherlandsShell, ING, Unilever, Heineken, Philips are also considered as the Country’s Biggest brands. 

9. Broad Minded Country That Welcomes International Students:

Netherlands is very well-known for being broad-minded & and generous which welcomes many international students with an Open Heart. Netherlands comprises international students from 190 different countries, this factor is one of the top 10 Reasons to Study in Netherlands. People in the Netherlands are very broadminded and straight leading to ease in making contacts and exchanging ideas. Due to people’s broadmindedness students feel welcome being in the Netherlands. 

10. Internationally recognized degrees:  

Netherlands has been known for its mid-way of knowledge with rich traditions of Study and Top ranking Universities. The Education in the country meets all international standards and is also well-recognized Internationally which is listed in one of the top 10 Reasons to Study in Netherlands. After completing studies from the Netherlands , one can start their own business and achieve success in any country in the world. Also, scientific research practiced at Dutch universities is highly valued at the international level.