Education In The Lands Of Switzerland

14 August, 2017



Switzerland is considered around the world as a fairy-tale country - a virtually ideal, steady and laid back place, where everybody can appreciate a rich and care-free life. In the country of the most precise watches and most reliable banks, nobody seems to ever be in a hurry. People on the balconies sip cups of delicious coffee slowly and admire the breath-taking views of crystal-clear lakes and peaceful mountains. The daily menu usually includes the legendary Swiss cheese. Indeed, one can think that this country is meant solely for a life of absolute comfort and heavenly leisure.

High-performance educational environment connected to the industry

The Swiss financial miracle is depends on the rigorous development of country’s intellectual potential, to which the experts gave extraordinary attention. As a result, the Study in Switzerland received important state support as a strategic area, and over the eras, the best academic customs and standards of study in Switzerland have formed and merged. This resulted in the high development and international success of industries that contribute to the country’s prosperity, including:

  1. watch making
  2. petro-chemistry
  3. engineering
  4. fine mechanics
  5. pharmacology
  6. high-technology

Student support and inclusion

Switzerland created all necessary facilities and conditions for the talented youth, encouraging the inclusion of students from all over the world, to fulfil their potential and contribute to the prosperity of the country. Foreign students are attracted by the many opportunities to study in different languages, but also by the practical nature of the educational system. Many university professors, as well as the majority of students take part in all kinds of research activities, provided by a wide range of international PhD programs available in Switzerland.

The past and present of Swiss higher education system

The first university in Switzerland was founded in 1460, in the city of Basel, where the medicine faculty was founded. Nowadays, the Swiss higher education system is correctly reflected one of the most flexible and varied in the world. Academic programs are provided in four languages: French, German, Italian and English. The development of private schools and universities is also strongly supported.

Today, joint regulations of higher education by the local and central authorities have been put in place to support the performance of universities in Switzerland. Mini-systems of education of each of the 26 cantons differ, while at the same time follow accepted nation-wide standards and international requirements of the Bologna education system. So, study in Switzerland offers three academic phases of education – Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree courses. There are above 12 state universities in Switzerland, including two central institutes of technology.

The contribution of the private educational sector

Prestigious private higher education institutions hold an exceptional place in the country. These educational institutions are the reason why study in Switzerland can rightfully be named the Center of education in the field of international generosity. It is a stand-alone world of beauty and charm where you grow a good taste and learn how to work according to the highest standards of service.

Students live in the actual hotel and dine at the restaurant; they absorb all the intricacies of the world of comfort and hospitality and practice their event-management, resort and management skills. These prestigious private schools provide ultra-modern facilities and offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs as well as relevant international diplomas. One of the biggest group of Swiss specialized schools in the field of international hospitality is Swiss Education Group.

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