5 Reasons Why You Should Study in France

23 January, 2017



Why should you study abroad in France? Discover why the nation is such a popular study abroad destination among international students
Famed for its rich history, beautiful sights and advanced lifestyle, France is a standout amongst the most popular study goals on the world. Thousands of international students flock there every year looking for 'la belle vie' (the beautiful lifestyle). If the food, wine, museums and cafe culture haven't enticed you already, read on to find out even more reasons why France could be the perfect study destination for you.
1. Academic reputation
The French are passionate about higher education and put heavily in research, which means its colleges reliably perform well in worldwide university rankings. The QS World University Rankings highlight 41 French colleges and the country's main two institutions, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris and Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech are world famous, ranking 23rd and 40th respectively. French business schools specifically have gained a reputation worldwide for quality education and an competitive outlook. French institutions are also respected in humanities and arts subjects.

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2. The rich culture
Living cost in France means soaking up all the way of life, whether it's munching on macarons in a side street in Lille, delving into some great French writing in an old bookshop in Paris, or wine tasting in the French Riviera. The beauty of France is that traditional and contemporary culture lives side by side. You could spend your Saturday afternoon ambling through an art gallery and end up at an exciting live concert at night. Whether listening to Daft Punk and David Guetta is your style, or you're a fan of the old greats like Chopin, France is home to all kinds of epic music, so you're bound to find something you love. You'll also get the chance to try the well known French food. Paris alone at currently boasts more than 70 Michelin starred restaurants!
3. Becoming fluent in French
Let's be honest. Who wouldn't have any desire to be familiar with French, the language of love, diplomacy and modernity? Even if your degree is in English, living and studying in France is the perfect opportunity to sharpen up your French language skills. Many people argue that you can just really perfect a language when you live in a country where it is spoken. You'll be immersed in the language everyday life by having food in French, listen to French radio, watch French TV and movies and communicate with your friends and associates in French. However you may also need to invest into some French language classes. Once you've nailed the grammar, getting to be fluent should be a breeze. Having the capacity to speak in French is great personal achievement as well as an impressive skill to have on your arrival home where you can impress your family and friends, also managers!

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4. Affordable education
It may surprise you to realize that the cost of higher education in France is very quite reasonable compared to other popular destinations, for example, study in UK and study in USA. In case you're from the EU, you won't be required to pay higher educational fees than French students. Funding and grants are also available and the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs allocates a large number of grants to international students. Having said that, it's important to note that the average cost living can be significantly higher, especially in cities like Paris where food and accommodation can be expensive.
5. Paris
We know we recently admitted that living in Paris can be costly; however we also happen to believe it's one of the best cities on the world! As we said above, Paris has an astounding 70 Michelin restaurants. But it's not just the fancy places you have to visit. Start your day on a high by requesting a typical delicious Parisienne breakfast with mouth-watering pastries. In case you're feeling peckish in the afternoon, drop by a creperie (offering French hotcakes) which you can find on most streets. Don't want to eat out in the evening? Find your nearest fromagerie or epicerie where you can stock up on food. Paris is also well known for its marchés (markets) where you can find food, art, antiques and incredible presents for your loved ones back home. Why not visit by bicycle? It's a great way to get around the city.
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If after reading this article you're tempted to up sticks and move to study in France (we're tempted as well!), make sure to look at all the courses available using our handy search tool below.