Why Paris has been The Best Student city in the World for Many Years

16 August, 2018



Studying abroad is a largely sought after career aspect since the past few years, and it is growing popular among the students every day. The capital of France, Paris, was ranked as the best student city in the world for three consecutive years in 2014, 2015 and 2016. While looking to study abroad, the city they will be studying in, plays a very important part for international students. For the students who want to study in Europe, France has not only the best student cities in Europe but also some of the best student cities in the world. The capital of France, Paris, is ranked as the best student city in the world. The reasons justifying these claims are as follows.

Study in France
1. Universities of Paris: Universities in Best Student City
If you want to study abroad, France has many of the best colleges to go to, and Paris is the best city. When it comes to top ranking universities for International students, Paris has 18 of the world’s top ranking universities. This is the highest number for any city having top ranking universities.

List of Universities in Paris as per QS world University Rankings:

Top 10 Universities in Paris QS World Ranking
Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University (PSL) 50
École Polytechnique (ParisTech) 65
Sorbonne University 75
Sciences Po Paris 221
Université Paris-Sud 11 239
École des Ponts ParisTech 263
Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7 University) 295
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne 299
Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2 University) 531-540
Université Paris Descartes 571-580
2. Low Tuition Fees:

Many European countries offer low to average tuition fees. Paris is no exception in that. Contrary to popular belief, studying in Paris can be a pocket-friendly affair because of the cheap tuition fees of the universities. While student accommodation in Paris is slightly on the higher side, the low fees for tuitions justify and balances out the cost of living.

3. Historical, Artistic and Cultural Aspects:

Talking about the quality of life, the students studying in Paris have an access to the rich and versatile culture of Paris. It is known for the artists, philosophers, and thinkers it has produced. Moreover, it boasts of a colorful history both demographically and literary.

4. Student Life in Paris:

Life in Paris

From cycling tours to the Louvre Museum, Paris is surely a place to be if you are a student who wants to experience the various cultures closely. Moreover, Paris being a comparatively smaller city, students can stay close to the central city and enrich their experience. With easy and cheap public transport, the nightlife in Paris is also something students can explore.

5. Career Opportunities:

As noted before, Paris is a home house to 18 of the world’s top-ranked universities. Top universities in Paris and top colleges in Paris have tie-ups with excellent employers in and out of Paris. They offer tremendous placements and internship offers for the students and graduates. There are many part-time student jobs in Paris for the students who are willing to work with the study; part-time jobs like foreign language teacher, translators and telemarketing are available.

Other Best Cities for Education in the World: There are number of websites which rank the best cities for Education in the world. Paris has ranked the best student city in the world by QS Best Student cities 2014, 2015 and 2016. In the following years also, the city has been in the top 5, always. Here are some of the other best cities for education in the world.

Best Student City Countries Best Student City in the World by QS Rankings Average Rank over the Years
      2014 2015 2016 2017 2018  
1 Paris France 1 1 1 2 5 2
2 London UK 2 3 5 3 1 2.8
3 Melbourne Australia 5 2 2 5 3 3.4
4 Montreal Canada 9 8 7 1 4 5.8
5 Tokyo Japan 17 7 3 7 2 7.2

As we can see, Paris has been the most consistent Best student city to be ranked among the others, where others have been up and down. Paris has maintained its position among five in best cities for education in the world.