What are the Types of Accreditations for Universities in France?

06 May, 2019



When you are looking forward to higher education abroad, it is important to know the credibility of the degree you will be receiving at the end of your program. So rather than worrying about the degree after you receive it, you should be sure about the accreditation of the course you are enrolling into. Universities in France for international students have different accreditations given to them, and they determine the acceptability of your degree in France and worldwide. Here is all a student need to know about Accreditation for French Higher Education:

What are the Types of Accreditations for Universities in France?

Meaning of University Accreditation:

Higher Education Accreditation are provided by the external entities to the educational institutes, if certain standards of quality are met. An accreditation is kind of quality assurance for the services and operations in the educational institutions.

The accreditation is provided by the government for a large number of cases, such as ministry of education. Other accreditation agencies are independent of the government and privately owned, for example CHEA in USA.
A good national or prestigious private accreditation will mean that the university will provide a certain standard of education, training and facilities. Also the degrees provided by the university will hold more value than of the non-accredited.

Accreditation for the Universities in France:

Mainly, there are three types of accreditations for the universities in France for international students, which will help you evaluate the degrees you are going to attend in France. There are many factors and parameters to determine the quality and the training and the services provided by the Universities. It also determines the quality and value of the degree provided by the university. Here are the accreditation for the Universities in France for International students.

1. National Degrees by the State

French Degrees are considered National Degrees when they are accredited by the state (government of France). This accreditation means a guarantee of the quality, as it is recognised by the state itself. The National Accreditation is provided to below institutions:
  • Two Year Technical Degrees (BTS, or DUT), Bachelor's Degrees (Licenses and Licenses Professionnelles), Master's and Doctorates.
  • Title of Engineer, equivalent to Master provided by the Engineering Title Commission.
  • Business and Management schools certified by CEFDG (Management Training and Degree Evaluation Commission)
  • Professional Training Courses by RNCP (National Registry of Professional Certification)
  • Specific Courses by Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

2. Business and Management Schools

For business and Management schools there are number of private accreditation that are accepted all over the world. Being independent of the government, they are more expensive, and have a long process to get them. Here are some of the most prominent and widely sought after business and management accreditation for the Universities in France for international students.
  • AACSB: Association for Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business
  • AMBA: Association of MBA
  • EFMD: European Foundation for Management Development

3. Grandes Ecoles and other Engineering Schools

For Engineering degrees and Schools, there are different accreditations. The Grandes Ecoles are covered under these accreditation, and as we know, they are highly selective and prestigious institutions in French higher education system.
  • Accreditation of European Engineering programs: EUR-ACE
  • Quality System of European Scientific and Technical Education (QUESTE)
There are two certifications given to Grande Ecoles by CGE, the conference des Grandes Ecoles:
  • MS - Specialist Master's: Equivalent to six years of post secondary in a specialisation Program after Masters. It is for management schools, Engineering Schools and some major institutions.
  • MSc in Management: awarded for 5 years of post-Master's training program in Management or Engineering schools. These programs are mostly for the international students.

Is My Degree Accredited?

In today’s competitive job market, the employers look for the quality of the education their candidates posses. It is important to have a degree that is from the recognized university in that case. An accredited degree will add to your profile and employability, as it shows the standards of quality of your training. Here is how to check the accreditation of a degree or program.
As we mentioned, it is better to check the accreditation of a program before applying for it rather than worrying about the recognition once you receive the degree. The Universities in France, or anywhere in the world, often list the accreditation they possess on their home page, or separately on each course page. Some of them even have different page for the list of accreditation only. If the university you are interested into does not show any accreditation, you can check with their representative or the course-coordinator. On the other hand, you can also check the accreditation agency’s website for the list of universities in France, accredited by that particular entity.

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