Validate Long Stay Visa in France upon Arrival

03 May, 2019



Validating the Long Stay Visa in France:

The international students are required to validate their VLS-TS once they arrive in France. From 2019, the validation process for Visa Long Sejour (Long Stay Visa) is completely done online, and it has been a convenience to the students going to study in France. Along with the long stay visa, it also act as a residence permit to France, and students are not needed to apply for a separate permit. A part of the process is to validate your VLS-TS Long Stay Visa in France once you arrive in France. Here is how:

Validate Long Stay Visa in France upon Arrival

Validating Long Stay Student Visa France Requirements:

There are some requirements to validate your long stay visa in France, here are they:
  • An E-mail Address
  • Visa Number and other Visa information
  • Date of Arrival in France
  • Address of Accommodation in France
Bank Card to pay for the issuance of Residence Permit
If the student does not have a bank card, he can purchase electronic tax stamps, called timbre électronique, available at the kiosks for it, and also on the website where students are required to validate.

Validating Long Stay Visa in France Financial Requirements: For the Validation of the Long stay visa in France, the student will have to pay the stay tax of 60 euros.


Validation of Long Stay Visa in France Application Procedure:

  1. The students have to login to the Foreigners in France website. On the website, you will find two options. One is to validate your Visa, and the other is for buying an electronic tax stamp as mentioned above.
  2. Click on validate you visa if you have a bank card, or have already purchased an electronic tax stamp. You will require to fill some of the important details such as Visa number, date of beginning and end of the Long stay visa in France validity, date of issuance and reason of staying in France.
  3. The additional information will include a phone number and email address.
  4. Enter the date of Arrival in France and make the payment for the fees to stay.
Once you have paid the stay tax, your visa is validated.

After the Successful Validation:

Once you have completed the validated the Visa Long Sejour (Long Stay Visa), you will receive two emails, confirming your validation.
  • The first mail will contain the login details and you can access your account with those login details.
  • The second mail is confirmation main, and it will confirm the validation process, and will have the information you had provided online.

Renew Long Stay Visa France:

The France long stay visa has a validity of one year. Once the Long Stay Visa in France, the Visa Long Sejour is about to expire, students need to renew it to the Titre de Sejour (French Residence Permit), by applying at the prefecture near you. The titre de sejour allows students to reside in France as long as the next study program. For more information on the renewal, click: How to Renew Your Titre De Sejour (Residence Permit in France)?