Tuition fees and Cost of living in France

25 August, 2017



The amount you spend on living expenses in France every month will rely on upon your own way of life and where you plan to take up residence. Deciding on the high life in Paris is probably going to make bigger breaks in any financial plan than unassuming peacefulness in a quiet corner of France.

Cost of Living in Paris per Month: nearby of 1,050 and 1,200 EUR/month (at times notwithstanding including the convenience, in the event that you live in a student hall of residence)

Cost of Living in Nice per Month: Nice: nearby of 700 and 920 EUR/month
Cost of Living in Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux or Toulouse per Month:: nearby of 650 and 850 – 900 EUR

Cost of Living in Other Cities: For whatever is left of France, you can get by with smaller sums (no less than 600 EUR).

Tuition Fees in France for International Students:

The public universities in France are more affordable than Private universities, and here is the tuition fees in France for the international students.

  • For License (Bachelor’s) Programs, fees are 2770 Euros a year.
  • For Masters Programs, fees are 3770 Euros a year.
  • For Doctorate (PhD), the fees are 380 Euros a year

For Private Universities in France, the fees can go from 3000 to 20000 euros a year.

Cost of Accommodation in France:

The cost of Living in France will depend a lot on where you are staying. The Dormitories for the students are for around 150 to 500 Euros, If the students want to share an apartment or a loft, it can cost up to 400 to 700 euros a month, a rented apartment in France can be in anywhere near 700 to 1000 euros a month depending on the city and the facilities. Paris is not exactly known for its affordability when it comes to accommodation, when you move out further from the Paris, the prices are low. The only option for Cheap Student Accommodation in Paris are the student accommodations in the Universities.

Cost of Food in France

French food is tasty, sophisticated and the normal origination is that it is costly too. That might be on account of the French really esteem each feast and they make it appear as though they are continually commenting something when they eat. In any case, food is not expensive all over France.

One individual can hope to spend by and large around 200 – 250 EUR/month on basic needs in Paris, less in the areas.

The normal cost for a meal at all costly eatery costs between 15 and 20 EUR. In gourmet eateries, menus can be significantly more costly. Desserts are sometimes not detailed on the menu, but rather the most widely recognized are fruit tart, (for example, apple tart, Tarte aux Pommes), crème caramel, dessert (glasses), with costs from 6 to 8 EUR.

A more moderate alternative where you can have a super anyplace in France are the bistros, brasseries and crepe stand. A few bistros serve significant suppers and a crepe can replace lunch and costs are from 2 to 5 EUR.


The cost of a transport or metro ticket may change from 1 – 1.70 EUR, yet numerous urban areas offer discounts in the event that you purchase weekly, monthly, or yearly pass. A monthly pass on transport, metro or tram is typically somewhere close to 17 and 33 EUR.

In Paris, the metro is the least demanding approach to travel and cabs are likewise moderately economical, around 1.25 EUR/km and you would burn through 7 – 10 EUR for a short trip. In Paris, you can likewise lease a bicycle through the Vélib bike rental program, however, Bordeaux is the city in France most bicycle cordial. You can likewise utilize the TGV to visit different urban areas in France for around 20 – 25 EUR a trip.