Study in France in English

28 July, 2020



With 28 universities in France ranked among the top universities in the world for 2021, it is natural for a large number of international students to consider studying in France for their higher education. However, many of them are always hesitant regarding the language barrier. Though it is true that the French love their language, they are also very open to international students coming to their shores. There are a number of courses available for international students to study in France in English. What are they? How to find them? And what about life off-campus if you don’t know any French? Let’s discuss that in detail.

Study in France in English: No French Required

Study in France in English:

There are more than 1400 English taught courses available for international students in France. Most of them are fully taught in English, especially Management, Science and Technology courses which a prominent number of students choose to study in France. Here are some of the highlights of the study in France in English:

  • 1400 Programs available in English, more and more are added every day

  • 75% of those courses are entirely in English

  • 80% of those courses are for the Masters in France. However, the courses for bachelors, summer and short courses are available in English, too.

  • Management, Business, Science and Technology, Health Science and Environmental studies are the courses most offered in English by the universities in France.

  • Depending on your level of French, partially English taught courses are also available.

Work with Study in France in English:

Like many European countries, France has also been an international place for people and cultures to meet. A large population of France can understand and hold a conversation in English, especially in metropolitans like Paris and Lyon. One might need to learn a basic level of French if they are opting for a city that is not very diverse. Also, if you are working at a part-time job that involves interacting with people, basic knowledge of French would be essential. If you are working at a part-time job which is more operational than interactive, you would be just fine.

How would Campus France help?

Campus France is a French entity promoting higher education in France and welcoming international students. Along with helping students with many aspects of Studying in France, Campus France also has an online search engine specifically for the students who are looking forward to study in France in English. Here is how it can help you:

  • Under their Programs tab, you can find Program taught in English

  • For each program, you can look up the name of the program, duration, and level of study

  • It also shows the admission requirements on the website for the course you are looking to study in France in English.

  • Course Objectives are explained, too.

  • Moreover, you can also check the geographic location to know where the course is available for universities with multiple campuses.

List of English Speaking Universities in France

Now that we know it is possible to study in France in English, let us see which educational institutes and universities you should apply. As we have already mentioned, there are a number of universities offering 1400+ English taught courses in France. However, we have made a list of some of the student favorite, highly preferred universities here:

  1. American Business School

  2. EBS Paris

  3. EDC Paris Business School

  4. Esaip School Engineers

  5. ESC Grenoble

  6. Grenoble Institute of Technology

  7. ESLSCA Business School

  8. ISC Paris

  9. Montpellier Business School

  10. VATEL International Business School, Hotel and Tourism Management

You can also check out our list of top 10 universities in France to study abroad in 2021, and check the English taught courses offered by them.

Study in France in English for Bachelor Degree

For the students who want to start early and study in France right after their schooling, there are a number of options available for both science and commerce courses in English. Though the options available are not as plentiful as the master’s courses, students can still find the courses related to their streams and interests at English taught universities in France. Here are just some of those universities where international students can study in France in English:

  • Ecole Polytechnique

  • ESC Clermont

  • American University of Paris

  • Burgundy School of Business

Masters Degree in France taught in English

As mentioned above, 80% of the total courses available to study in France in English are Master’s courses. Especially if you are looking forward to pursuing a course in Science & Technology, Business & Management, Social & Political Science, Engineering, and Environmental studies, there are a number of options to choose from. Here are some of the universities in France that you can check out if you want to study in France in English:

  • PSB Paris School of Business

  • ESIEE Paris

  • Georgia Tech Lorraine

  • IESA - School of Arts and Culture

  • University of Paris-Sud

Other Study in France Requirements

For both English and non-English taught courses in France, there are some requirements for international students to be fulfilled for a seamless admission. If you are opting for an English-taught course, some universities will require proof of English language proficiency. With some universities, you can also study in France without IELTS.

Some other general requirements to study in France in English would be reference letters from your last educational institution; previous mark sheets, degrees, and certificates; updated CV or resume; and last but not the least a proof of monetary funds for your first year in France.