France wants to Increase Number of Indian Students by 2020

12 June, 2019



In 2018-19, 8000 Indian students studied in France, according to a number of statements coming from the Frech officials, France wants to increase the number of Indian students drastically in the coming years, and for this year, they are aiming at 10000 Indian students studying in France.
France wants to Increase Number of Indian Students by 2020

Recently in June 2019, French minister of state for Europe and foreign affairs, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne visited India to meet the new Government of India, and during one of the interviews, he even said that having more and more Indian students in French Universities is a matter of pride for them now.

An Important Area to Look Forward:

On the important areas to be looked forward for France and India, Lemoyne was keen on how he wished to increase the number of Indian students studying in France from 8000 to 10000 this year. “France is delighted to welcome you”, he added. He further noted the benefits that come with studying in France, the summary of which is:

Study in English, Work after Studying in France:

Students are not needed to know French language, which used to be a barrier for the Indian students before. However, learning French would mean learning one of widely spoken languages in the world. The country and the language puts you on the world map and opens many doors for you. Lemoyne also showed his interest in increasing the connections with more than 500 France based companies in India, to bridge the gap between the students graduating from the French Universities and these companies.

With Visa restrictions in place, fewer Indian students are opting for USA and UK, and France is there to take advantage of it. He also emphasized on the stay back option of two years which students can benefit from. The students get invaluable experience by working in France, and it helps them with their employability all around the world.

Good News for Indian Students:

Earlier this year, the French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said something on the similar lines. According to him, under the Indo-France Strategic Relationships, France wants to welcome more and more Indian students to its shores. All of this comes as a good news for the aspiring Indian Students aspiring to study in France. The Country itself has set a goal for itself to enroll 10000 Indian students, and they are more than eager to achieve it. Additionally, Ayrault’s statement came when he was launching France Alumni Network in Bengaluru. The Network helps Indian students studying in France for higher education with relevant information and guidance.