Benefits of Studying in France for International Students

10 May, 2019



France, as a study abroad destination provides one of the most prestigious and comprehensive education along with the best of the world research opportunities. Additionally there are number of on and off campus benefits available to make the life easier for the students. Here we are talking about the advantages for the international students that comes along with study in France.
Benefits of Studying in France for International Students

1. Students Discounts with Student Card:

There are many perks of having the student card in France, be it the discounted prices at  places ranging from the public transport to the museum visits. Given below is the list of some of the places where students get the discounts, while studying in France.
  1. Museums, Theaters and Cinema
  2. Free Entry to French National Museum for European Students
  3. Libraries
  4. Urban-Transit (Transportation)
  5. University Restaurants

2. Social Assistance and Healthcare:


When we talk about social assistance, we are talking about the accommodation. Arguably one of the most important aspects for an international student. There are three types of accommodation assistance available by CAF for international students in France.
  1. Allocation de Logement Sociale (social housing assistance)
  2. Aide Personnalisée au Logement (personal accommodation assistance)
  3. Allocation de Logement Familial (family accommodation assistance)
All these aides help the international students in reducing the rent for the accommodation. Apart from these discounts, the OFII (French Office of Immigration and Integration) provide the accommodation assistance of 30% to 40% of the rent. The students are required to fill the OFII form before flying to get the benefits.


SUMPPS: Service Universitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé, which is basically a health department is there in the every university. Every student can see the doctor, and get themselves checked. There are no fees for seeing the doctor, ans some of the facilities like screening, vaccinations, nutritional and psychological consulting at the university healthcare centre.

3. Food and Shopping:

The university foods are always cheaper, and even when the students want to eat outside, the fast-food chains and local restaurants have discounted Passes for the students studying in the university. Sometimes, there are also freebies attached to the yearly passes.
Coming to the Shopping, A lot of computer and IT stores have a fixed discounts for the students. Not only that, the photocopying and printing centers also offer the student discounts, for both and international and domestic students.

4. Sports and other Activities:

The universities offer the sports facilities (University Department of Physical and Sport activities-SUAPS) to the students at the minimal annual fees. For some of the amatuer aethletic students, Universities also arrange a professional trainer to groom their skills. Students under the age of 26 get students discounts for all of these. Off the campus, there are also discounts from the French Government at the municipal Swimming Pools, Ice Rinks and sports centres in France.

Apart from these, there are number third party entities and organisations that offer a number of offers and discounts to the international students as well as the domestic students. To know more benefits of Studying in France, check this out: Why Study in France?

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