7 Reason to Study in France

02 October, 2017



High Quality of Education:-
Education in France is Competitive as well as Exceptional, as they give the Students high quality experience. France provides a well-rounded Education. Education in France Provides both Theoretical as well as Practical Knowledge.

In France Students can also get Admission without IELTS. But for that the Student’s studies must be in English and he should also have Proficiency in English. There are very less Countries where IELTS is not required. But there are some Colleges where IELTS is Mandatory.

Taught in English :-
France is the country which offers varied courses taught in English, and therefore It is no longer required for a Student to be fluent in France.

Internship: -
The most Important Merit of France education is its Compulsory Paid Internship. Because of the Mandatory Internship Students in France can gain Global Experience. They also gain Professional Qualification and also enhance their Knowledge and skill by using them Practically.

Stay Back Options: -
After Completion of Studies, as per the Immigration Rules Students have to leave the Country. But for Students in France there is Good News that they are having stay back option. For Bachelors Students Stay Back Option is up to one year and Masters Students can get Stay Back Option up to 2 years, which is big merit for France Students.

Scholarship: -
Being One of the most Popular Study Destinations for International Students, France Offers many Scholarship to the International Students, which includes Eiffel Scholarships in France for International Students, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students , Charpak Scholarship, ESLSCA Academic scholarship, Horizon 2020, Foundation Jean Goubin, Pioneer Scholarship , Global Scholarship, ESC Clermont Foundation Grants , Responsible Grants. Get details of all the scholarships to study in France.

Accommodation benefit(CAF):-
France is the Only Country in Whole Europe which provides Housing Benefit in the form of “CAF”. CAF i.e. “Caisse des Allocations Familiales” is the Government body which helps Students in providing services relating to Housing Benefits. Under CAF Benefit, Students are able to get Approximately 30%– 40% benefit of their Room Rent. Due to such benefits there is reduction in the burden of Students.

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