EU Reopen the International Borders from 1st July 2020

12 June, 2020



Here comes good news for those you are planning to travel to European countries in the summer. The European Union has announced its plans for a “progressive and partial” removal of the restriction of borders and opening them from July 1st onwards.

EU Reopen the International Borders from 1st July 2020

Almost after 4 months of restriction on international travelling, travellers coming from third-countries will finally be allowed to travel to the Schengen countries. From 1st of July, the European Commission will start giving permission for non-Schengen and non-EU travellers to enter slowly and partially in the borderless territory.

In a video meeting held on Friday, 5th June, the Ministers made a discussion on the possible reopening of the outer borders of the Schengen Area along with the internal border restrictions, which was imposed during the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic in Europe back in the month of March this year. 

The High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell declared the decision at the College of Commissioners meeting.

During his speech, Borrel pointed out that the lifting of temporary travel restrictions at external borders will come at a second stage. Regarding this, the College will adopt its evaluation of travel restrictions and will present an approach for the gradual and partial withdrawal of the border restrictions as on July 1st, with some specific third countries, taking into account a number of principles and criteria, which is based on a common coordinated approach by the Member States and the Commission.

From 15th June, borders for internal EU will open

Taking consideration of internal borders, the College took note of the fact that the many Member States are in the way of withdrawing their internal borders restrictions and considered that this process should be completed till the end of June.

From June 15, people will have no restrictions on travel across all EU bloc countries, once they are inside. 

  • Austria has decided to reopen its border with Italy starting from June 16, 

  • Switzerland has decided to reopen its borders for all the European Union and Schengen countries starting from July 15.

  • Spain has decided to reopen its borders with Portugal and France and put an end on its quarantine for international travellers starting from July 1. 

But people will only be allowed to travel to these nations on a condition that those countries in the question should also open their borders. 

From 29th June, the travel between the U.K and France will be made possible

The U.K has set a 2 week of quarantine from 8 to 29 June, for people entering the nation and encouraging France to work on the same, even though as per The Local, the quarantine on the French side is voluntary, has many exceptions and are probably to be cancelled once the U.K. does the same. The government of U.K thinking to review the quarantine from France on the 29th of June.

The majority of the Schengen countries have announced that they will be reopening their borders for international people by 15th of June, including France, Greece, Iceland, and Belgium. It is also noted that physical distancing and other health-related measures would remain active, as they are still needed. Yet Health authorities believe that there is no longer a clear explanation for either restriction on travel or border measures within the European Union Schengen area.