Study in Austria

International Students applying to Austria University are explored to Interesting Austria Culture. During education student can enjoy wonderful environment along with different culture people. Students from different nationality will be attending the college which will be great experience to students. That will have lot's of adventure and Fun. In this culture students has to learn and grown in their respective fields. Studying in Austria is really long life adventure.

Universities organize different cultural programs, Seminars and many more things for students as to encourage them and make it as part of their life style. There will be many things which will differ from University to Universities.

Student will surely enjoy living in Austria as a student due to their culture and fun.

In University of Austria students can also enjoy various sports facilities. There various Sporting events in which students are encouraged to participate. In Sports also students can find wide range like cricket, rugby, baseball, football, basketball, and much more.

Austria is a country known for exquisite wines. In Austria you can find many cities where you can enjoy fun vineyards and wine tasting

This is just a general look that you can expect. Another thing you should keep in your mind is your life during school. You should be very dedicated to education also. Every day will be full of fun and new things.

Austria Educational System – Overview

Students choose Austria for theirs educational needs as it has number of very good reason it. As Austria offer student highest educational standards. The people in Austria always their education very seriously. Austria Government spent huge fund on education system. Decision of studying in Austria is one of the best option.

You can apply to schools and university of Austria after 10+2 for Bachelor Degree.

And for Masters in Austria you should have minimum eligibility of 12+3. You should minimum have 3 years of bachelor degree Doing Bachelor in Austria is a golden opportunity when it is about Austria Schools and University. Masters is provide you wide range of career opportunities.

Study English in Austria

School and University in Austria will give you option to learn in Austria and English. If you are not able to understand in Austria, you should choose course taught in English. You should surely learn Austria language in order speak and understand as your surrounding will be with Austria speaking people.

There are many International students attending schools and university in Austria. So you can easily find schools and university offering Bachelors and Master program in English.

As option you should take a short term course of Austria Language because you are going to stay in Austria for certain period of time.

When you are attending your University in English program along with that if you have basic knowledge in Austria language also. Which will bring greatest benefit in your life style.

So you can surely have option to study in English in Austria. Knowing Austria language is not mandatory for getting admission in Austria school and University.

Working along with getting the Education

International Students are allowed to work 20 hrs per week as part time employer. Along with your studies work legally. And if you want to get job very quickly in Austria you have good knowledge in Austria language.

The Minimum wages in Austria is at 9.53 euros gross per hour. It may defer from year to years and tax laws.

Continue Working even after Graduation

In order to work after Graduation you should minimum hold Masters degree of equivalent to that. On the basis of APS system in Austria which is known as Temporary Residence Permit i.e valid till 12 months only. This APS will allow students to work up to 60% per week. On that basis you can extend your work permit

Internship rules & the Remuneration

As per the Austria Law, Internship is paid internship if it is longer than 60 days if it's Part time of full time irrespective to this. Remuneration is paid from 1st day of your internship. The Intern who is working full time around 35 hours per week earn approximately 438 euros per month. And if you are working as part time intern than you would earn proportionately less compare this figure.

When you are intern than you have to contribute around 13% towards social charges. While company has to contribute around 20% extra.

Obtaining or Renewing Residence Permit

When you reach Austria for your studies and visa get expires than you must renew it as per the residency are where you live. Than you will be provided by New Residency Permit which will be different given in form of laminated card and that will be separate from the passport. And the cost for this renewal is around € 35.