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Australia is only one of its kind and different country in every way - in culture, population, climate, geography, and history.


Australian culture is as broad and varied because of the country's landscape. Australia is school of thought and racial and this is often mirrored within the country's food, way of living and cultural practices and skill.

Australia has a very important heritage from its native folks that plays a process role within the cultural landscape.

This variety of influences creates a cultural setting in Australia that's spirited, energised, innovative and outward trying.


As of October 2012, Australia's population is roughly 22.7 million folks. The foremost inhabited states are New South Wales and Victoria, with their several capitals, state capital and Melbourne, the most important cities in Australia.

Australia's population is focused on the coastal region of Australia from state capital to Cairns, with a tiny low concentration around state capital, Western Australia. The centre of Australia is sparsely occupied.


Most of Australia experiences temperate weather for nearly all of the year.

The northern states of Australia are generally humid all the time; with the southern states experiencing cool winters however seldom sub-zero temperatures.

Snow falls on the upper mountains throughout the winter months, with skiing in southern New South Wales and Victorian ski resorts, as well as the smaller resorts in Australia's island state, Tasmania.


Australia is an island continent and therefore the world's sixth largest country (7,682,300 sq km).

Lying between the Indian and Pacific oceans, the country is around 4,000 kilometer from east to west and 3,200kilometer from north to south, with an outline 36,735 kilometer long.

Canberra is Australia's capital town. With a population of roughly 320,000 individuals and placed within the Australian Capital Territory, Australian capital is roughly 0.5 approach between the 2 largest cities Melbourne and Sydney.

Australia has nineteen listed World Heritage properties. Australia is additionally celebrated for its landmark buildings together with the Sydney Harbour Bridge; its ancient earth science, as well as for its high country.


Australia's initial inhabitants, the Aboriginal folks, are believed to have migrated from some unknown place in Asia to Australia between 50,000 and 60,000 years past.

While Captain James Cook is attributed with Australia's European discovery in 1770, a Portuguese probably initially sighted the country, whereas the Dutch are well-known to possess explored the coastal regions within the 1640s.

The first European settlement of Australia was in January 1788, once the primary Fleet sailed into Botany Bay beneath the command of Captain Arthur Phillip. Originally established as a penal institution, by the 1830s the quantity of free settlers was increasing. Transportation of convicts to the eastern colonies was eliminated in 1852 and to the western colonies in 1868.

Legal system

Australia follows a Westminster system of administration and law inherited from the British who originally settled the country.

There are 2 main political parties and variety of minor parties that form up the Commonwealth Parliament. All state and territory additionally has its own government.


Australia has an in depth transportation system that has trains, buses, tramways, ferries, 2 major national airlines and variety of regional airlines. Metropolitan areas are divided into zones and your ticket type and price depends on that zone you're progressing to travel in and for the way long. Tickets can be bought at train stations, on buses and trams and at news agencies.

Tourist students could drive in Australia on a legitimate overseas drivers license however if the document isn't within the English language the visitant should carry a translation with the permit. An international driving license isn't sufficient by itself.

Metered taxicabs operate altogether in major cities and towns. You’ll discover taxi ranks at transport terminals, main hotels or shopping centers otherwise you call taxis within the street. A light and signal on the roof indicates if a cab is vacant. There's a minimum charge on hiring so a charge is decided based on kilometer traveled. Taxi drivers don't expect to be tipped.

Health Insurance

Australia incorporates a special system of health cover for international students known as Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Students must purchase OSHC before they are arrive in Australia to cover students from after they arrive. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship needs students to keep up OSHC for the period of their stay on a student visa in Australia. Most plans can cover medical emergencies, to be lined for prescriptions and alternative check-ups and coverings, then search through the assorted policies accessible or your organization can arrange this for you for the period of your studies.


A standard worry as a parent is going to be making certain your child is intake frequently and healthily. The primary purpose to notice here is don’t worry! The food may be totally different to which they're familiar and take your time to get used to it, however most countries can have a large enough option to satisfy any tastes. Supermarkets stocking international cuisines are getting norm, while chain restaurants to which several are going to be accustomed is found in most countries.

Australia – a place where your quality of education is guaranteed

In 2000, Australia initiated the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000. ESOS make sure that, in order to enroll international students, establishments should first meet necessities for registration. All organizations that meet registration Requirements are listed on the in public offered Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

Types of Organizations and Education:

  • 41 Universities
  • 110 + Tafe establishments
  • 550 + Private Colleges

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) may be a quality assured national framework of qualifications within the faculty, vocational education and training (VET), and advanced education sectors in Australia.

Permission to work is granted when you start your studies.

Types of Organizations and Education:

Australia could be a in style middle school destination owing to the standard and international recognition of the education offered, and therefore the safe, caring and multicultural environment. Australian middle school education can supply you with skills for your future study, employment and life, in Australia or anyplace within the world.

English language courses:

Australia is happy with the name and quality of its English language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) courses. The National English language Teaching Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) works to take care of the high customary of Australia’s ELICOS courses. These courses are intended to assist students achieve university studies by improving their English and tutorial study skills.

It is often exhausting to imagine what life are going to be like in a very new country, and even tougher to predict everything you would possibly got to organise or take on for your stay.

Cost of Living:

As per our students in Australia, they'll expect to pay AUD$300–$400 per week on accommodation, food, clothing, amusement, transport, travel, phone calls and other expenses. The number you pay can vary per factors like fashion, and also the form and placement of your course.

Most higher education institutions in Australia will have a Housing Office or an International Office that can give you more information about your housing options.

The cost of living and tuition prices in Australia are greatly varies from USA or the United Kingdom. These lower prices create it price-effective for college students to attend a faculty within the Mercer 2010 cost of living survey found that solely 2 Australian cities, state capital at variety 24 and Melbourne at variety 33 appeared on the list of the fifty costliest cities to measure. The United Kingdom has the 17th costliest town -London, whereas big apple comes in at variety 27.

Australia’s powerful economy and low unemployment rate means that international students who wish to work have no problems finding a job.

Working While Studying:

The Australian Immigration system permits students to figure up to fortnightly 40 hrs throughout course time and regular throughout vacation periods. This chance makes it far more reasonable for college students who will be able to attend university and still fund their education with some work. Though it's attainable for international students to figure while learning, part-time employment shouldn't be considered a way of financing your studies in Australia.

Permission to work is granted when you start your studies.


Certificate I–IV: These courses are intended to supply introductory skills and coaching. They supply industry-specific information and skills in communication, participation, attainment and accomplishment, and cooperation. They vary long from some weeks to 6 or additional months.

Diploma: A credential course prepares students for business, enterprise and para-professional careers. Credential courses will be completed at TAFE institutes and personal faculties. Diplomas need 18 to 24 months of regular study.

Advanced Diploma: An advanced credentials provides a high level of sensible skills for employment in an exceedingly specific career space, like accounting, building design, and engineering. Some advanced credentials courses also can be completed at university level. Advanced diplomas vary long from 24 to 36 months.

Average tuition costs:

Advanced Diploma:$5500–$18000 per year

Foundation courses a pathway into university

Foundation courses facilitate international students who might not at the start meet entry necessities gain entry to undergrad study at Australian universities and colleges. They also facilitate students adapt to the Australian tutorial setting and life in Australia. Some foundation courses promise an area at university once flourishing completion of the course. Foundation courses are usually intensive annual elementary courses, however now frame will typically be altered in line with the student’s desires.

Average tuition costs:

Advanced Diploma:$9000–$18000 a year

Higher education

Diploma and Undergraduate: Entry into most university courses in Australia is very competitive and a high standard of English language is needed for undergrad study. Every education provider has totally different entrance needs.

Average course costs

Advanced Diploma:Diploma and Bachelor degree: AUD$15000–$30000 per year

Higher Education – Postgraduate: Australia has built a powerful name for excellence and quality across its university and coaching programs. Several international students elect to complete their postgraduate studies in Australia.

Graduate Certificate/ Diploma: Generally designed for specific occupational functions, either the broadening of skills and data already gained in an undergrad program or the event of occupation skills and data during a new skilled space. The usual necessity is six months of regular study for the graduate certificate and twelve months of regular study for the graduate certificate. Entrance sometimes needs a bachelor degree or advanced certificate.

Masters degree: Provides a mastery or high-order summary of a related field of study or area of skilled practice. Generally they involve 2 years of study once a bachelor degree is completed, or one year of study once a bachelor degree is completed (honors).

The masters degree may be offered in three formats:

Coursework Masters: consists of work, project work and analysis in varied mixtures. Entry usually needs previous completion of a bachelor degree, a bachelor degree (honors) or a graduate certification.

Research Masters: consists of a minimum of two-third analysis with a considerable thesis that is usually outwardly assessed. Entry ordinarily needs a bachelor degree (honors) or masters preliminary year, an analysis-based graduate certification or equivalent research expertise.

Professional Masters: may carry with it a work-based project. Entry needs a relevant qualification and skilled expertise, or intensive relevant skilled expertise.

Doctoral Degree: recognizes a substantial original contribution to a given field within the style of new information or the difference, application and interpretation of existing information. The doctorial degree could also be offered in 2 formats:

Average tuition costs:

Graduate Certificate/Diploma: AUD$14000–$30000 per year

Master’s and Doctoral Degrees (per semester): AUD$14000–$30000 per year

  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Film & Television
  • Networking