Student visa to study abroad

2 Years Post Study Visa

Eligibility Criteria for 2 Years Post Study Visa: Msc or Masters

  •    arrowwwwRecognition of the institution by the French Government.
  •   arrowwwwThe success of the student in his exams (they must get their graduation       certificate to be eligible) and on his/her motivation (looking for a job related       to the studied area, having a work contract in relation with his/her studies.)
  •   arrowwwwThe 'Prefecture de Police' itself that is the only one that decides about the       delivering or not of this visa.
  •   arrowwwwApplicable only for the students opting for Msc or Masters in France.



Working along with getting the Education

International Students are allowed to work 20 hrs per week as part time employer. Along with your studies work legally. And if you want to get job very quickly in France you have good knowledge in French language.

The Minimum wages in France is known as SMIC. Recently SMIC is at 9.53 euros gross per hour. It may defer from year to years and tax laws.

Continue Working even after Graduation

In order to work after Graduation you should minimum hold Masters degree of equivalent to that. On the basis of APS system in France which is known as Temporary Residence Permit i.e valid till 24 months only. This APS will allow students to work up to 60% per week. On that basis you can extend your work permit