Living in Hungary

Accommodation in Hungary

The students who studies in Hungary have many options when it comes to Housing. In Hungary student can get accommodation with a very minimum euros in dermotaries. Dermotaries are great party venues bur are not always available for International students. Living in this with shared quarters is a sure way to make many of new friends.

There is another alternative in Hungary i.e. renting appartment, whether alone or in sharing with friends. Student can also go for sub tenancy, means student can rent a single room in someone else apartment. For apartments you can get help from your university, also you get in accommodation from searching in newspapers. If you have any person who can speak in Hungarian language will be very helpfuul for you to get things understand. If you want to rent an apartment , so kindly keep in mind that may need upto two months cash ready while signing the contract. His money will be considered as deposit and it will be refunded when you move out.

Cost of Living in Hungary

Cost of living in Hungary is cheaper than any other country in Europe. A student who has limited budget , includes paying the rent, going out once or twice the month, eating in a cheap restaurant atleast for all these student needs 400 euros per month. The cost of living with a family should be atleast 1000 euros per month in the suburbs and it is 3 to 6 times more in districts in Budapest. For Non-Hungarian people, it may find difficult to open a bank account in Hungary if they do not live there. But there are some banks who opens accounts for Non Hungarian people. For short term residents it may be difficult to open a bank account as some banks over there requires to prove their long term residents.

In Hungary, travel cost also depends from city to city. Big cities are highly expensive than small cities in the matter of travelling cost. International students can be benefitted a discount for transport fees if they have valid student card.

Education Cost

Compared to other European country, Hungary is a very affordable place in terms of tuition fees and living expenses. Tuition fees depends on different schools and programs of the school. Medicines and Dentistry are more expensive options with 20,000 euros with tuition fees , and for other program it is low as 4,500 euros.

With the tuition fees, students are also required to application fees, registration fees, examination fees with round about 100 and 150 euros for study programs in Hungary

Health Care System In Hungary

Even though TAJ cardholders can access subsidised medical care and prescription medications, private health insurance does suit some expats better than the public system.

Hungary has a good custom of medical care and has made great name in field of medical research and practice. They have also won Nobel awards and Pulitzer winners. Thus, Hungary is found as the one of the best European destinations for medical tourism with affordability and technical powers. The most popular medical surgeries in Hungary are Dental and cosmetic surgery, rehabilitative practices, eye surgery and joint surgery.


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