GRE Exam

Why take the GRE test?

  • The general examination GRE revised this easy to design the candidate who leaves more room in your own way to present a review and your own strategies.
  • Preview and review the skills within the same section Option "defer" to highlight the issues that you want to return in the same section Ability to change / edit answers in a section An on-screen calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning section * Moreover, in the Verbal Reasoning section, it now focuses on your ability to understand what you read and how to apply your reasoning skills.
  • Antonyms and analogies are no longer part of the GRE test, therefore, while the vocabulary is still important, they are used in the context of a sample to read. * If you go to the print version review, calculators will be provided.
  • The general review of the GRE revised version includes the following three parts: Verbal Reasoning: measures your reasoning ability and your ability to understand what you read.
  • In this part, you need to evaluate written material and synthesize information gained in the past, recognize relationships between concepts and words, as well as analyze the relationships between different parts of sentences.
  • Quantitative reasoning: measure your ability to solve problems and ability to interpret and analyze quantitative information. In this section, you must have an understanding of basic mathematical concepts such as algebra, geometry, data analysis and arithmetic.
  • Analytical Writing measure your analytical writing skills and critical thinking, especially your ability to support and express complex ideas clearly and effectively.
  • In most regions of the world , it is possible to present the revised GRE test computer continuously throughout the year. In mainland China , Taiwan , Hong Kong and Korea, the IT exam is offered once or twice per month. In places where IT exam is not available, the GRE test is offered on paper up to three times a year in February , October and November .
  • The GRE score is valid for 5 years, which means that even if you do not know what you will study , you can introduce yourself to the test now . Then when you are ready to enroll in college or business school, you will already have your GRE scores . Start now the steps for your future and register GRE test