Student visa to study abroad

Cost Of Study in The Netherlands

Accommodation in The Netherlands 

Mostly students in the Netherlands live in student housing. The size of houses varies but they are shared by four to five students. The rent in shared houses costs between 300 – 450 Euros per month, which depends on size, location and furnishing. Dutch universities often help students in finding room. The provision of university accommodation varies from institution to institution. It will take you more time to find an Accommodation but you will surely find one which will suit your requirement. If You are in contact with the university's housing office by May before a September start, there wouldn't be any difficulty.

Many Dutch universities negotiate with private landlords on behalf of students, they rent a block of rooms and sub-let to students, So the student only have to deal with the university housing office. The housing office at a Dutch university will charge for its services currently it is 300 Euros and it gives you a guarantee to offer of a room. Once you have been living in the Netherlands for a while you will have no need of such a service. Those students who didn't use the Housing Office have often had difficulties with accommodation but nothing too serious. There are some private Persons who provides university accommodation in Dutch cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Cost of Living in The Netherlands 

Cost of Living includes Daily expenses including food, public transport, books, clothes, and other activities. Student need to take into account the costs for housing and insurance also. Students living and studying expenses in the Netherlands for one year comes to 800 - 1,100 EUR/month. Out of the total monthly study expenses, student spends on average 37% for accommodation, 15% for tuition fees, and 3% for transportation. Then there are the costs for food its average cost comes around 170 euros per month. Spending, depends on your lifestyle and also differ per student. It also differs per city It especially depends upon rent and Other Miscellaneous Expenses.

Transportation Cost 

Netherlands Railway System is one of the best in Europe, having more than 350 railway stations to reach any town or city by train. There are three types which includes 'Intercity', 'Sneltrein', and 'Stoptrein'. In the west of the country trains run four times in a hour between the cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Trains also runs in night between the main cities. Most stations are centrally located to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.

During Student's stay in Delft they may encounter the "free" student OV-card that most Dutch students use. This card is not free but is paid by deducting money from their loans that students receive from the government.