Student visa to study abroad

Cost Of Study in Latvia

Accommodation in Latvia 

Some universities have their own student dormitories; others provide assistance with housing search.You should ask the international student advisor at your chosen university for advice and/or assistance, since the real estate market in Latvia is rather unsettled even for locals

Cost of Living in Latvia 

arrow Average cost of Living per month
arrow Dormitories/Student Hostel – 70 – 120 EUR
arrow Flat renting, not shared: 250 - 350 EUR
arrow Flat renting, shared: 100 - 200 EUR
arrow Food 120 - 250 EUR (Meals at the city centre: 5 - 9 EUR per meal)


arrow Taxi (from the city centre to suburbs): 7 - 15 EUR (1 transfer)
arrow Public transport tickets for students: 16 EUR per month (trams, trolleybuses, buses)
arrow Public transport one-way ticket: 1.15 EUR
arrow Leisure, personal needs : around 100 EUR depending on needs
arrow Cinema ticket: 5 - 10 EUR
arrow Opera ticket: 7 - 42 EUR
arrow Rock concerts: 7.5 - 30 EUR

Average monthly living expenses in Latvia are estimated to be between 450 and 700 EUR depending on the type of accommodation (student dorm or privately rented housing/flat). These amounts should be enough to cover food, accommodation, utilities, transportation and other expenses.

Latvia Health Care System 

Each student must be aware that it is mandatory upon arrival to obtain health insurance for the entire planned period of stay in the Republic of Latvia. A health insurance is required to be able to receive a Residence Permit.

Citizens of the EU Member States, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland can use European Health Insurance Card This document certifies that the holder is a resident of one of the aforementioned countries and is covered by the social insurance system of this country. The card ensures the right to receive necessary or emergency health care to the same extent that it is available under the national social insurance system to the permanent residents of the country in question.

For non EU citizens life and health insurance policy which ensure at least the following health care services

arrow emergency medical assistance costs.
arrow treatment costs of growing chronic illness.
arrow transport costs to the closest medical facility providing the Services mentioned above.
arrow transportation costs to return the patient to his/her home country in the case of a serious illness.

The minimum coverage limit indicated in the policy cannot be less than 42 700 EUR over the insurance period