Cost Of Study in Germany


Germany is the third most popular destination among international students. Germany is an attractive place to study and German universities degrees are highly respected by the employers worldwide. In Germany there are 240 states and around 100 private universities. The range of study course is very diverse.

The universities in Germany are open to students from all country. The German Universities also provide education in English.


After getting admission in Germany your first priority must be accommodation in Germany. You can live in a student hall. There are many student hall of residence in every university town. The other option for you is to choose your private accommodation.

You can take a room or flat on rent. You can also share your flat so your rent expense would be affordable.

Cost Of Living:-

As the Germany has abolished the tuition fees in the country so the cost of living is also affordable for students.

Rent will be your largest expense. But as per the rule students can do part time work you can manage your expenses. There are certain more expenses which are required from college. So after calculation you require €670 per month to cover your expense.

Transportation Cost:-

There are many ways to travel in Germany. You can travel by bicycle,bus,taxi,cars or rail. You can choose your transportation way according to your requirement. It depends upon the distance between your residence and school or college.

Heath Insurance in Germany:-

Health Insurance is very important in Germany. It is said by law every person that lives in Germany must have Health Insurance Plan. You will need to present proof of your Health Insurance when you enrol at university and apply for residence permit. Those who have insurance in their home country should ask if this is accepted in Germany.