Student visa to study abroad

Cost Of Study in France

Accommodation in France 

After getting admission to school or universities in France the next question which arises is where to stay? France is country with numerous housing options which will you to choose the house as per your requirements. It's really better idea to look for options as it will help you select best option. After this another step is find housing with affordable budget along with all your requirements should also match. You should also check about distance from you housing to university and even it should be with you comfort zone.

You can also choose an option to stay in hotels when you are in France. As well this be quite expensive. As mainly they charge night rates, and even staying in hotel can be quite boring option due which you feel homesickness.

With these accommodation options, People who are studying in France can also find apartments and town houses available on rent. This option are more affordable compare to hotel accommodation.

Even the French government provide CAF benefit to International students in which they get relief of 30% - 40% in accommodation expense. In order to get this benefit specific procedure is required.

The cost of vary from city to city in which you are, final decision is yours.

Cost of Living in France 

As explained before you also you take certain factors in your mind when you are applying to colleges in France. Out them one is your cost of living in France and for that only French government allow international students to work part time. They are given legal permission to work 20 per week as part time employee. In this way you can support yourself to cover your expense in France.

There are certain expenses which are required form college like requirement of pen, pencil, bags and much more. You also have to spend some minimum on your snacks, breakfast etc. Cost of living also include rent, mobile expense, miscellaneous expenses.

It's calculated that approximately you require €615 per months cover all you expenses along with attending your college. It keep on vary from year to year. Please note this figure doesn't include tuition fees amount.

Transportation Cost 

Transportation is an important factor which leads a country towards a growth. It's fastest growing sector along with economy growth. You also calculate your transportation expense which is comparatively very low than other. There are various means of transport in France like cycling, two wheelers, taxi facility, metro facility, Bus facility and much more. You can choose the mean of transport as per your requirement and even looking to cost you should decide. Before deciding your mean of transport you should calculate that how far is your School from your residence, As per that you must calculate operating cost of transport. Thinking in this direction can you to find affordable cost of transportation.

Cost Of Studying In France 

Along with tuition fees there are certain expenses which you should keep in your mind when you are attending your college. This additional can be made on food, supplies , test materials, and other miscellaneous fees. All expenses you should calculate in advance while making your budget.

This cost can be easily calculated and determined in advance before you start attending your college. You find accurate amount trough means of internet. You can search what is cost of living in US, you will surely find that what is the amount required to live fairly. Than you should find the same for France and finally compare both cost of studying and that you can see that France is a very cheap and quality education.

You should take care that all this things should be decided by taking proper time, So in future you don't have to face any shock while attending your college.

The Average cost calculated is around 615 euros per month to survive along with pursuing you higher education.

France Health Care System 

You travel anywhere in world most important thing is your fit health. Accidents or injury can occur any time and in this case you have to take emergency service or hospital facility. If you are not the resident of that country than this cost can be high for you and even international insurance is not valid.

Here the French government provide health care program and it's mandatory of international people to get themselves covered under this plan. This should be taken before your physical arrival at France

The international student should make sure that they have health insurance either private or public.

There are mainly two groups of insurance for students

arrow LMDE
arrow emVia

Even International students can apply in Universal health care coverage, As it depends on certain factors like age, country of origin, and duration of your degree program.

The eligible factors for getting national health insurance program are.

arrow Your age should be under 28
arrow You should be enrolled under degree program with duration of more than 4 months
arrow You should be international students

If you do not meet any of these eligibility factors than you have to take private health insurance. European Students are exempted from this. For them European health insurance card is valid. International student can also take state health insurance for this they have to pay approx. 208 EUR for have same coverage as of citizen.