What does the examination of the GMAT is?

  • The review of the GMAT is an assessment of the higher faculties of reasoning considered most important in business schools and the corporate world.
  • The examination includes a quantitative section, verbal, analytical writing and integrated reasoning.
  • The quantitative section measures your ability to reason quantitatively and solve quantitative problems.
  • basic arithmetic knowledge, algebra and geometry are required but it is primarily a reasoning test, not underlying mathematical skills.
  • Verbal section measures your ability to read and understand text, to reason and evaluate arguments, and to correct a text in order to effectively convey the meaning in standard written English. The evaluation of the analytical writing measure your ability to think critically and communicate your ideas in writing.
  • The Integrated Reasoning section measures your ability to interpret and analyze data from various sources and presented in different ways to solve problems.
  • The integrated reasoning section allows you to put you ahead of today aptitudes necessary to succeed in a world marked by technological advances and an abundance of data.
  • The review of the GMAT is a standardized computerized test administered in English. The quantitative and verbal parts adapt dynamically, which means that questions are chosen for you based on your answers to previous questions.
  • Your rating is based on the difficulty of the questions you answered and the number of correct answers.