Top 8 Reasons That You Should Choose Ireland as a Study Abroad Destination

In recent times, India has turned out to be one of the fastest developing countries on the planet, and is thought to be one of the greatest economies globally. Its progress have streamed down to most residents also, with an increasing number of individuals now able to afford the cost of a few essential things, which until a decade prior, were considered luxury. One such perspective is education.

In India, access to fundamental education is progressively turning into the standard owing to rise in extra income, and better opportunities. Also, with a generous number of middle-class family in the nation leading an altogether better way of life as compared to a decade ago, numerous families have started to consider investing into only the best education of their children; be it in India or abroad.

While students from India normally like to study in the top 5 study abroad goals - New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States - there are some who have begun exploring different nations, particular countries in the European Union. One such nation is Ireland, which is quick developing as a prominent education destination for international students.

Ireland - A dream destination for international students
Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland is an island country that is a part of the British Isles. The nation has a rich culture and tradition, which is most ordinarily depicted over the globe as Saint Patrick - one of Ireland's supporter holy people. Ireland also happens to be one of the nations in the European Union to recognize English as an official language.

Education structure
The education structure in Ireland is mainly comprised of levels - primary, secondary, and tertiary (third-level). The nation is home to some of the finest education establishments in the world, and has a great academic infrastructure. Some of the best colleges for international students in Ireland are: Institute of Technology Carlow, Griffith College, Athlone Institute of technology, and Galway Business School. Check here the education system of Ireland.

Phenomenal training framework
As previously stated, Ireland has an astounding education infrastructure, with most of its colleges furnished with state-of-the-art amenities and academic assets. In fact, the progress made in the field of education has significantly contributed to Ireland's developing economy. For international students, this is an additional advantage of studying in a culturally rich country.

Scholarships for international students
The Republic of Ireland has an amazing scholarship program for worldwide students. Every scholarship depends on particular criteria for qualification laid down by individual institutions in Ireland. know all the scholarships in ireland.

Security first
Ireland is one of the most secure and friendliest nations on the planet, enabling international students to finish their course without stressing over their overall wellbeing. While crimes like pick pocketing are normal all through the world, students simply should be cautious about their surroundings to turn away such rare incidents.

Home to several global industry giants
Some of the greatest multinational organizations (MNC) can be found in Ireland. Organizations like Google, Apple, and Facebook have base camp in the Island country, aside from Ireland's own particular homegrown associations like CRH, DCC, and Kerry gathering.

Work opportunities
International students enlisted for full-time courses that are recognized by the IDES don't require an extra work permit to work in the nation. In any case, they do need the particular documentation to be able to gain employment.

Working while Studying
According to Education Ireland's official portal, all international students equipped with a valid immigration stamp 2 permission are permitted to work 40 hours/week in Ireland, but only between June to September, and from December 15 to January 15. During the rest of the year, international students holding the valid work document can work 20 hours/week. All students are allowed to work till the expiration of the Immigration permission Stamp 2. 

In conclusion, it can be said that Ireland is surely becoming one of the most favored study abroad destinations among international students; and if you are a student hoping to study overseas, you should definitely consider the island nation to fulfill your education goals.

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