The Reason Why Everyone Love Study In Poland

Wroclaw is the capital of the historical region of Lower Silesia in south-western Poland, situated on the Oder River. It is the principal city of the Lower Silesia region and the administrative seat of the Lower Silesian Province.After the capital, Wroclaw is the second largest financial center in Poland and has a population of 635,200.

Wroclaw is a town with a significant proportion of young people in higher education. There are currently 13 academic schools with universities focusing on advanced sciences, technology and medicine as well as the arts and theatre. The student population and many visiting international students (ERASMUS) are therefore a significant proportion of the city population and this enables a young and vibrant city to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to employment and attracting international companies looking for a city with a future and a steady flow of talent and good public transport.

International companies like Google, Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, AB, SAP, Volvo, Toshiba and LG have all opened offices and production facilities in the town because of access to new talent as well as sound transportation links both via air and sea. Wroclaw International Airport (direct flights to London, Frankfurt, Munich, Dortmund, Copenhagen, Milan, and Dublin) and a local river port ensure that companies can take advantage of the benefits of a growing city with a focus on the future and solid economic growth.

Poland has a dynamic impact in the Bologna Process. Owing to the introduction of three-phase education modeled on Bachelor/Master/Doctoral studies and additionally the European Credit Transfer System, both Polish students and universal students studying in Poland remain completely portable and can proceed with their education somewhere else in the European Union with no issues. Inside basically the Erasmus Program that has been proceeding for over 20 years now, more than 43,000 outside students have come to study in Poland while pretty much 100,000 students from Poland have taken part of their training in another country inside the European Union. Outside students coming to Poland can expect the most appealing and changed training openings meeting high European principles. They can study medicine, biotechnology or engineering, additionally arts and business and numerous different subjects. The certificate granted to them upon graduation is recognized not only Europe-wide but also in most countries of the world.

International students of full-time study in Poland can now work in Poland without obtaining work permit during the time - not just during three summer months. The rule came into constrain on 1 May under the Regulation of the Minister of Labor.The new rules was presented by the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of 21 April 2015 "on the cases in which, utilizing a nonnative on Polish region is permitted without obtaining a work permit".

The new rules permit foreigners to work in Poland all through the term of a student visa, the entire year. The change applies to all students of uniform experts, full-time undergraduate and graduate courses, and doctoral students who are remaining in Poland on a student visa. Students remaining in Poland on the base of temporary residence permit are as of now secured by the exclusion from the necessity to hold a work permit.

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